A South Dakota agency signed off on a scheme to raise money for a fish farm even after  regulators knew that the CEO had been indicted for fraud and his earlier round of fundraising had not been properly disclosed, Jonathan Ellis reported.  ARGUS LEADER

Denver's mayor sent unwelcome sexual text messages to a female police detective who was part of his security detail, a team reported. DENVER 7 NEWS

A small-town Kansas mayor saw his salary raised from just over $1,000 to $90,000 in the course of a year, Lynn Horsley reported. THE KANSAS CITY STAR

Despite state and federal laws designed to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, reporters A.J. Lagoe and Steven Eckert found that Minnesota court officials often fail to enforce them or follow up after abusers are ordered to surrender their weapons.  KARE 11

With a warrant in hand, deputies in Washington neglected for three years to arrest a man accused of sexually abusing his daughter, allowing the man to walk free, Andrew Binion reported. T HE KITSAP SUN

A former University of Montana soccer coach texted 10 different Las Vegas escorts almost 500 times from the phone the school gave him, Amie Just reported. THE MISSOULIAN

A Pennsylvania mayor guilty of 47 corruption charges texted his supporters pleading with them to write the judge to be lenient in his sentencing, Kayla Dwyer reported. THE MORNING CALL

The sprinklers inside a nursing home that burned down and killed four people may have been flawed, reporter Craig R. McCoy found after reviewing the original blueprints and inspection records with independent experts.  THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

Hundreds of police misconduct allegations ruled credible by Internal Affairs in Philadelphia have languished, sometimes for years, with no resolution, reporters Max Marin and Ryan Briggs found after analyzing more than 8,500 civilian complaint records.  PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY/CITY & STATE

Circumstances from more than 60 unsolved Ohio murders include patterns that could suggest the state has a roving serial killer, a team found after building a map and analyzing a cluster of cases.  THE PLAIN DEALER

Utah lawmakers who advanced a $1.7 million fee break for an industrial firm also benefited from thousands in the company's campaign contributions, Dan Harrie and Taylor Stevens reported. THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

A New Hampshire landfill operator received millions of dollars from taxpayers for work that it never performed, Jeff McMenemy reported.  SEACOAST ONLINE

After splitting a woman's head open during a skirmish in a New York jail, a police supervisor boasted to colleagues about injuring her, reporter Brendan J. Lyons found after obtaining internal police records. TIMES UNION

Child protection services failed to forward dozens of allegations of abuse on to police or the social worker assigned to investigate the welfare of a three-year-old boy who was later murdered by his mother and her boyfriend, Tim Potter reported. THE WICHITA EAGLE
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