"Church" isn't a place -- it's people! Though this "season of COVID" might keep us from meeting in person for a little while longer, it won't stop us from BEING the church! Below you will find a number of small group options available for you and your family on Zoom. Try one and see how you like it. Your church friends are missing you!


Are you a Zoom newbie? No worries! It's a free, easy teleconferencing software that can be used on smartphones and home computers. Simply RSVP to the group(s) you wish to attend, then follow the invitation link that your group leader sends out.

Bible Study's in 10 minutes and you're still in your jammies? No problem! You can participate with video or with audio-only -- the choice is yours.
Read Through the Bible, Day by Day
Pastor Elizabeth Gilbert has been using the YouVersion Bible app for daily Bible reading this year. It's not too late to join her in this faith-forming adventure and... It's easy!

1. Download the app then create a free account and sign-in.
2. Message Pastor Elizabeth that you've joined YouVersion (include the email address you are using) and she'll send you a friend request.

Then you'll be invited to the reading plans she is using.
The current plan is "12 Words to Refocus Your Faith."