Recent UP Post Highlights Monitoring Technologies

SENSR Shows Promise for Future of Smart Bridge Monitoring

A recent Union Pacific blog post highlighted the partnership SENSR has had with the UP for several years. In fact, SENSR began working with UP in 2014 and is currently operating on 11 of its bridges. "The goal: An easily deployable, cost-effective solution to supplement in-person inspections, which carefully examine bridge components for cracks or other defects," wrote UP in the blog post.

SENSR's "smart monitoring" technology, as UP calls it, contains extremely sensitive accelerometers, inclinometers and temperature sensors that alert you immediately when the stability of your bridge is affected. Sometimes this is due to a barge strike, at other times it's due to nearby construction, and it often happens as the result of settling or scour.

"Previously, we would have taken the bridge out of service until an inspector could get to the site, which could take hours," said Todd Martindale, director of bridge inspection at UP. "Using this technology, we can remotely monitor the structure, and if the pier returns to its normal state, we can run trains at a slow speed while the inspector is en route."

For more on this story, which has already been covered by RT&S and Global Rail News, read SENSR President Walt Bleser's LinkedIn Pulse article.

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