September 18, 2020
Residents of Union Vale -
Come on out and lend a hand!
Solar Development on Route 55
The Town Board promised residents of Union Vale (and our local community) the first crack at jobs at the solar construction site. To date, several local companies are in touch with the contractor. We know clearing will start next week but at the other end of the project the contractor will be choosing someone to maintain the site by mowing and weed whacking.
If you are interested in a long term job such as this, please contact George Kolb, Building Inspector, who will put you in touch with the solar contractor.
"Residents for a Union Vale Library" Fundraising Committee Residents, Peter Krulewitch, Perry Gusikoff & Mike McPartland have created a committee to raise funds to renovate a building for a town library. They are creating a 501(c)(3), talking to architects and getting cost estimates for a renovation. They need a few more members to round out the team!
If you are motivated by making good things happen, please contact them at:
Tymor Park 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee
August of 2021 is the 50th Anniversary of the Town of Union Vale receiving Tymor Park & Tymor Forest as a donation from Ralph Connor and Jean McKinney Connor. There is much to learn about the family and their history and there is much to celebrate for us as current residents. Please join the planning committee and help orchestrate a wonderful celebration to honor this once-in-a-lifetime, town altering gift!

Please email Betsy Maas who will collect all names until the committee is fully formed and a chair is designated.
Designer & Decorating Committee Wanted- Fun Project!
You may remember that discussions were underway to renovate the 11 Tymor Park Road, the Farm Manager's House in Tymor Park. Before an agreement and plan was finalized, COVID-19 thwarted a big financial investment. We all agree however, that the house can be rented after some maintenance work, which our park staff will be starting soon. In order to get what we believe the house can be rented for we need to furnish it and of course, we need someone with talent to help decide what goes in and what stays out of the house.We also need donations of rugs, furniture, kitchen items, etc. in order to make the house welcoming to potential renters/guests.
If you are interested in working on this worthy project and willing to:

Please email Andrea Casey, Town Clerk, who will collect all names and donations until the committee is fully formed.

Keep in mind, this would look great in someone's portfolio if interior design is your field or on your resume if you are studying this in college.
Thank you residents for your support of programs that benefit us all!

Warm regards,

Betsy Maas
Town Supervisor


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