Dear Union Vale,
There IS light at the end of the tunnel...
As you may know, your Town Board has been working for 18 months on a Solar Development to be placed on town owned property. We are utilizing the landfill property and 10 acres across Route 55 . Alternate considerations for the site were examined but none presented us with a better balance of annual revenue with zero investment costs.

So our Town will lease land to East Light Partners, a solar developer, who will be responsible for constructing and maintaining our development while paying us an annual lease payment.

We asked, during negotiations, to have a list of construction & maintenance jobs so that Union Vale residents could have first crack at them, if they so desired. We are not the decision makers about who gets the jobs, but you, our residents will see them first. That list on the bottom of this email.

Finally, there are subscriptions available for 400 - 500 residents to get the (state controlled) 10% discount on Central Hudson bills if you want to subscribe to this program. We want to give all of those discounts to Union Vale households & business owners. If we do not take advantage of all of them, East Light Partners will be permitted to offer those discounts to non-residents. Here is your opportunity to get on the subscription wait list.

Please sign up at
to get the information you will need to decide!

Filter Sock 12"
Soil Erosion Maintenance
Clearing & Destemming
Fine Grade Array Areas
Gravel Access Road
Road Maintenance
Agricultural Fence
Fence Gates
Tree Planting
Mowing of Array Areas
Restore Area
Erosion Control Matting
Topsoil Road Edges
Remove Guard Rail
Install Guard Rail Ends
Asphalt Entrance
Asphalt Entrance Reconstruction
Traffic Control
Re-Stripe Roadway

If Union Vale Residents want to submit a package to supply one of the above, please submit pricing and contact Information to the Contractor::

Rishabh Sardana
Business Developer
CS Energy
2045 Lincoln Highway | Edison, NJ 08817

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