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Closing Corners
January 2018

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   FREE Surveying Web Apps

How to use on your computer.

There are two options for using the Web Apps through a computer browser. 

First option: The Web App Control Panel which can be accessed from the Home page

or use this direct link:

There are three panel buttons that contain the following web apps:

Panel 1
Bearings and Azimuths 2.0
Parcel Boundaries
Circular Curves

Panel 2
Bearing and Azimuths 1.2
Create and Inverse Between Rectangular Coordinates
Vertical Curves

Panel 3
Grid Adjustment Factor

There is also a Spiral Curve Lite web app that can be used to check spiral curve information.

Second option: Open an app as a Web page. Click the 

to open as a standalone web page.

I find the web page version more useful because I can resize the app to fit on my desktop when doing survey calculations and want to see other items such as a PDF of a survey. 

How to use on your smart device.

Open up the Safari browser and navigate to

First Option: You can operate the app like you would in a browser on a computer.

Second Option: Click on the 

to open the web app. 

It will appear and operate like a typical app on your smart device. 

You can bookmark this page and save to your home screen. 

Click the  icon at the bottom of the page.

Scroll over to the Add to Home Screen icon.

Give it a name then tap ADD.

An app icon will be added to your home screen. 
Now tap the icon to open the web app just like other apps on your smart device. 

The app will function the same as the web app version that is available in the App Store. 

The best part, the web app is FREE. 

Hint: Your smart device does need to be connected to the internet to open the web app. Once it has downloaded, the internet is no longer needed. To use in the field where there is no internet access, open the web app before you go into a no-internet zone. Leave the app open and it will function without internet access. 

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