Seasonal Newsletter
February 3rd 2021
Special Edition: Unit Titles
Attention Seasonal Campers
Title Requirement
One of the terms and conditions of the Permit and License Agreement is the need for unit title documentation.

These requirements must be met in order to issue vehicle passes:
  • Full payment of the license fees
  • Providing all supporting documentation
  • Completion of registration forms

To be clear, the unit title documentation is part of the supporting documentation that is required.

Some seasonals have possession of their title, others have titles that are held by the bank or not in their own name. We are aware of those variables and understand the documentation related to title and ownership.

Excerpt from the Fish Lake Beach Permit and License Agreement 2021
A copy of the original trailer title must be on file with Fish Lake Beach. If the unit title is not in the licensees name, the licensee must apply for a title change and bring the updated title to the registration office. If the unit title is held by the bank we require a copy of the application for the trailer title.

Please take action now to do what is needed to provide Fish Lake Beach with your unit tile documentation prior to the beginning of the season. The following resources may help you apply for or obtain the required documentation, based upon the status of your units' title.

  • Information about titles can be found on these links from

Thank You

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