Unitec Product Updates
Dear Valued Customer,
Please review the following Unitec product updates. If you have any questions, please contact us

Director® Update - New Features
The latest release of Director - Unitec's  cloud-based, multi-site management system - offers site operators even more functionality with two new features:
  • Multi-site codes - this feature allows the C-Store Operator to sell car wash codes that can be used at any location
  • Bulk code generation - this feature allows the Operator to generate a batch of car wash codes for use in marketing promotions
Visit our website for more information on Director.

EMV Release
Unitec has recently upgraded its payment options to include an EMV-compatible card reader.  This option is available on the Sentinel, Portal TI+ and C-Start as either a factory-installed option or as a retrofit option.  For additional information and requirements, please see our credit  FAQ page. For processor compatibility information, please see our Compatibility Chart

Dial-Up Credit Card Processing 
As of May 2017, Unitec will no longer offer new DialTran & DataTran modems and recommends that customers upgrade from dial-up to internet-based credit card processing. Site owners and operators should contact their Unitec Distributor for assistance with upgrading any existing DialTran or DataTran modems in the field. Swaps are available while supplies last. If you have any questions, please contact your Distributor or the Unitec Merchant Services Department.

New Jetway Motherboards
Unitec has implemented a new production motherboard for the Site Server and C-Start.  In May, the new motherboard will be implemented into the Portal, Sentinel (and Portal and Sentinel hardware upgrade kits). If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support.