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United Church News September 6th, 2019
Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

One of the theological distinctives of being a congregational church is the core belief that God's voice and direction can be heard in and through the voices of all God's people. This past week, our music director search committee met to envision the future hopes and dreams of United Church's music ministry. We created an application for the position, and in upcoming days we will post our position on numerous different ministry and music job boards. As we collect resumes, we also decided to embark on a parallel effort to receive the input of the entire congregation. Our committee kindly asks that all members of the congregation provide us input by responding to two questions:

1. What do you perceive to be the purpose of United Church's music ministry and programs?

2. What hopes and dreams do you have for United Church's music ministry in future years to come?

Responses to these questions will be collected in one of two ways:
  • If you prefer email and/or find yourself "up north," simply email your responses to these two questions to Rev. Dr. Mark Williams at ucmiminister@comcast.net
  • If you you would prefer to handwrite your responses, over the next four Sundays, these two questions will be listed on the back page of the worship bulletin with ample room for response. You may use a pew pencil to write your response. A Music Director Search Committee feedback box will be placed in the narthex for easy submission.
Feel free to be as brief or as lengthy as you wish. All responses will be compiled and reviewed by the search committee. As we embark on this process, we take very seriously our sacred congregationalist call to listen, to collaborate, and to build consensus. Deadline: Sunday September 29th at 11:15AM. We look forward to hearing from all of you. What a bright future God has in store for our music ministry at United Church!

In Christ,

Your Music Director Search Committee 

Mark Williams (Ex Officio Music Director Search Committee Chair)
Sue Toussaint (Music Committee)
Kathy Eckels (Music Committee)
Earl Witten (Choir)
Kevin Hennessy (Bell Choir and Choir)
George James (Vice-Moderator) 
This Sunday's Sermon Title and Scripture Reading
Worship Sunday at 10am
Sunday, September 8th
"Have Enough Oil "

Scripture :
Matthew 25: 1-23

Reader : Russ Rainey
Deacons : Brad and Paula Carlson
Ushers : Joanie and Dave Fuller
Greeters: Alicia Purple and Lois Kenyon
Special music this Sunday will be performed by the UCMI handbell choir.
Honoring Debbie Lord
Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As you are aware, Debbie Lord recently resigned from her position as Assistant Manager at the Bargain Basket. In upcoming months, Debbie will be moving to Pennsylvania to be closer to her son and daughter. Her last work day with us will be September 14th. 

This Sunday, September 8th during worship, Bargain Basket Manager Samantha Kopren and I plan to honor Debbie and her service at United Church. Following worship, a special fellowship hour in Disseler Hall, hosted by the Bargain Basket Committee has been planned. I hope you will all join me in sharing with Debbie your heartfelt appreciation for her faithful work over the years--work that has made United Church and the Bargain Basket what it is today.

Samantha Kopren is currently circulating a card for Debbie along with a love offering that will be presented to Debbie during service on Sunday. If you would like to sign the card and/or contribute to the love offering, please let Samantha know.

In Christ, 
Pastor Mark
Hurricane Dorian Offering
Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As United Church has done in the past with previous hurricanes and natural disasters, we will be collecting an offering for the victims of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. One of our denominations (the U.C.C.) has a disaster relief effort up and going that will aid the Bahamian people. If you are interested in making a gift to help those impacted by Dorian in the Bahamas, simply write "Dorian" on the for line of your check and drop it in the offering plate on any Sunday between now and September 29th. Folks can also make a contribution anytime at the Bargain Basket register through Monday, September 30th. Emily and I plan to make a gift, and I hope your family will join mine in blessing those in need.

In Christ,
Pastor Mark 
September Book Discussion
THIS WEDNESDAY, September 11th at 10AM

The Life of Billy Kim: From Houseboy to World Evangelist
By Billy Kim

On Sunday March 15th, 2020, United Church will be welcome to it’s pulpit world famous preacher Billy Kim. Billy Kim was plucked out of poverty and obscurity during wartime in Korea by what could only have been chance—or a miracle. Picked seemingly at random by an American GI to be the houseboy for their barracks in Korea, sixteen-year-old Billy began the path that would bring him to school in America. Later he would go on to be the translator for Billy Graham’s 1973 crusade, a preacher to millions, and an influential global leader for the spread of the gospel. He has been aptly described as the Billy Graham of Asia. The Life of Billy Kim is the story of how God’s work has been revealed in this one man’s life. For anyone looking for guidance as they serve the Lord, Billy Kim’s life will be a powerful inspiration of providence in a surrendered life.
Children's Church
Children's Church will continue learning the lessons on Paul and the Apostles. Pictured above, the children enjoyed working on their related activity books last Sunday!

Lesson: The Long Sermon
Teachers: Sheila Sawyer
Bargain Basket Update
Sizzlin' September Sales!

Join us every day in September for a surprise sale each day. That's right, something will be on sale each day in September!

Don't miss out!
Online Giving
To all those who would like to use our Online Giving Program, while up North for the summer or for the convenience, please click on the link below to see how you can do so.
This Week at UCMI
Sunday, September 8th
  • 11 AM Fellowship Honoring Debbie Lord (Disseler Hall)

Wednesday, September 11th
  • 10 AM September Book Discussion- The Life of Billy Kim: From Houseboy to World Evangelist by Billy Kim (SSCR)
Upcoming Birthdays
9/8 - Muriel Seegers
9/9 - Trish Nash
9/10 - Ralph Kolstoe
9/11 - Carol Jennings
9/11 - Ron Nightingale
9/12 - Ellen Joy Penso

We hope your special day is filled with fun surrounded by the ones you love most!
We're sorry we missed your birthday! If you do not see your birthday listed in the e-news please check with the church office to see if we have all of your info!