What does it mean to retire?
It is beginning to sink in that a month from now I will be retired. Retired. What a strange word! One definition of "to retire" is to withdraw from society and go to bed. I know that is not the kind of retirement I want. l do look forward to a different balance in life - more time to smell the roses, play with my grandchildren, read, travel, and so on.

Retirement is a difficult proposition for a minister, because one can never "retire" from being a Christian or using one's God given talents in service. But there are important protocols for continuing to serve the church, which are vital to observe. The Presbyterian Church USA has rules about ministers not continuing to be involved in churches where they have previously served for a minimum of six months. After that, they can only provide leadership at the request of the current pastor. I know it may be disappointing to some of you, but I will be following this requirement of the Book of Order scrupulously. It is critical that I remove myself, so that you can discover your own identity as a congregation and a mission center and find a good fit with your next pastor.

Rick and I have thought extensively about how we want to spend our "golden years." We know we want to be near water, though we haven't chosen the location yet. High on our list are the Chesapeake Bay and the Puget Sound. We expect to move out of the area within a year, so I will be "retiring" from Yardville geographically as well. Nevertheless, you will never be far from my thoughts, my prayers, and my heart.

May God continue to bless United Presbyterian Church of Yardville. It has been my privilege and joy to be your pastor.

Jean Pinto
Speaking of retirement, it is getting contagious!
Mike Mraz will be retiring this month as well. After 42 years as a Church Musician (primarily as Organist and most recently as Choir Director) and three years as our Administrative Assistant, Mike’s final Sunday with us will be on August 5. Over the years, Mike has used his background as an educator to teach the congregation how to line hymns (sing responsively echoing Mike’s beautiful voice), to share something about the stories about our hymns and their authors, and to bring his enthusiasm for sacred music to the congregation. His love for music has been contagious and his voice inspiring. At the Coffee Hour on August 5, we will be having a reception for Mike between the two services. We will also be collecting to give to Mike a monetary gift as a thank you for his many years of faithful service. Please make checks payable to United Presbyterian Church and put Mike Mraz Gift in the notation. Congratulatory cards may be sent to:
Michael Mraz
410 Federal City Road
Pennington, NJ 08534
On Another Retirement Note:
Our Pastor Emeritus, Rev. John Milne, and his wife, Rev. Anita Milne have moved to the Finger Lakes area to be closer to their daughter, Cara. Their new address is:
Rev. John and Rev. Anita Milne
479 Castle Street
Geneva, NY 14456
Their phone numbers and e-mails will remain the same.

We wish the Milnes Godspeed as they start this next chapter in their lives.
Coffee Hour 
On Sunday, August 5, 2018 between the 9:30 E3 Service and the 11:00 a.m. Service, the Outreach will host a Coffee Hour. Stick around after the E3 Service or come to worship early for the 11 Service and enjoy food and fellowship with friends. You will have a chance to wish Mike Mraz well on his retirement.
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Mission Spotlight: Princeton Theological Seminary
Princeton Theological Seminary prepares women and men to serve Jesus Christ in ministries marked by faith, integrity, scholarship, competence, compassion, and joy, equipping them for leadership worldwide in congregations and the larger church, in classrooms and the academy, and in the public arena. A professional and graduate school related to the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Seminary stands within the Reformed tradition, affirming the sovereignty of the triune God over all creation, the gospel of Jesus Christ as God’s saving word for all people, the renewing power of the word and Spirit in all of life, and the unity of Christ’s servant church throughout the world. This tradition shapes the instruction, research, practical training, and continuing education provided by the Seminary, as well as the theological scholarship it promotes. All of the money donated to Mission during the month of September will support Princeton Seminary. Please be generous and thereby help train the next generation of future church leaders.
Please join us at 10:15 am on Sunday August 26th in Fellowship Hall to honor Jean and give thanks for her many years of service.
Pastors are such a mighty blessing from God! All the admiration words in the dictionary are not enough to describe how precious our Pastor is to us. It is said that a Pastor should take care of the people in her congregation, like a shepherd takes care of her sheep’s flock. Our Pastor has done her job exceedingly well. The United Presbyterian Church family has been very blessed to have Pastor Jean be our guide and to have had her share her many gifts with us.

MANY THANKS - for all who made our Summer Music Offering/Presentation a SUCCESS!
Not only did we use tradional music, but we used new media ideas too! Many thanks to Rev. Jean Pinto, Marilyn Machimer (Accompanist too!) Dan Mucha, Jaclyn Wyrwas, Dr. Dora Schnur, Bill Beitmann, Rhea Mucha, Warren Briggs, Megan Gadsby, James Shedrick, Bob Conner, Bill Sullivan, Jordan and Paige Bates. The variety and quality of all presentations were outstanding! Finally, the congregation is thanked for support, listening, AND participation. Bless all of you for your support! 

Session Notes
On Wednesday, July 18, 2018, Session had a special meeting and took the following actions:
·         Received the report of the Administrative Ministry Team about the financial condition of the church and the effect of our limited resources on the future staffing of the church. The Team recommended the following actions be considered by Session:
  • Since finances indicate we can no longer support paying two professional musical staff, Session voted to combine the Organist and Choir Director positions into one position and to ask Marilyn Machmer if she would be willing to be the Organist/Choir Director. The motion carried.
  • Until a decision is made about whether to have an interim and whether it is full or part time, Session voted to supply the pulpit each week at a rate of $175.
  • Learned that the Board of Pension requires continued payment for major medical and pension benefits at a reduced rate for open positions, which will continue until a new pastor is called.
  • Contacted Don LaCrosse to do pastoral care on an as needed basis at an hourly rate to be determined. Don graciously agreed and also offered to supply the pulpit once a month.
  • Revised the Administrative Assistant job description to reflect the increased responsibilities during the interim including office, data base, and social media management skills.
On Wednesday, July 25, Session held a special meeting and took the following actions:
  • Accepted Mike Mraz’s retirement as Choir Director and Administrative Assistant as of August 5, 2018 with thanks for his service.
  • In light of Mike Mraz’s 42 years of service, approved a severance payment of $800 and a collection from the congregation for a retirement gift.
  • Learned that an ad had been placed for the Administrative Assistant Position and that we have already received numerous highly qualified candidates’ resumes and will be interviewing candidates soon.
August Birthdays
  Birthday greetings to the members and friends whose birthdays are in August:

 1 Nancy Giordano  
 2 Kim Hoff
 3 Lee Dickson, Betty Reinert
 5 Rosemary Bateham, Brian Chhedi, Bonnie Heberling
 6 Kevin Oravsky
 7 Aidan Sheehan, Richard Vandegrift
 8 Virginia Benck
 9 Ryan Cattley, Joyce Vaughn
 11 Keith Scully 
 12 Wendy Anderson
 15 Jacklyn Katz, Charles Rowand,
 16 Katie Cruser
 18 Tommy Guld, Luke Hafitz
 21 Jean Pinto
 22 Terry Fouse, Alicia Windfuhr
Prayer Requests
We Pray for Healing
For all those ill with cancer, undergoing surgery as well as treatment for cancer including: Tom Macelone; Kathy; Gayle (breast cancer); Tom McAlade (rectal cancer); Jeriel Rodrigues; Eileen Meyer; Laura Burdge & Betsy Holderried; Bud & Jenna; Peggy Reilly; John Demeter (lung cancer); Sally Bailey (breast cancer); Sylvia (return of cancer); Nicole Sgizer (brain tumor); Gail (breast & colon cancer); Carl (bladder cancer); Livia (stage 4 colon cancer); Judy D’Amico (dialysis); Carol & Al D’Amico; Mathew Johnson; Dan & Pam Rose; John Borek; Bud; Fred; Margaret Archibald’s niece, Fiona (rectal cancer) Mike McHugh (back pain); For those awaiting test results, including: Fred; For those in need of improved health including: Sue Reichenbach (heart issues, procedure to be done Friday); Benita Franco; Mr. & Mrs. Walter (both in failing health as well as strength/support for their family members); Linda Ramos; For those in hospital, or, having surgery and in recuperation including: Susan Anthony; Jerry Mattera (stroke and in medically induced coma) & wife Nancy (strength and support); Lois & Bob; Jim Fazekas; Jim (infection); Reva Rinehart; Lew Rogers (heart); Joyce Sankar (stroke & seizures); Tom Joyce (back surgery); Paul B. (recovery from eye surgery); Carolyn Reynolds (in rehab following successful hip replacement surgery); Charlie (hospitalized with kidney failure); Frank & Marilyn Kostar Fred; Tami Guido (strength/healing preparing for gall bladder surgery); Karen & Keith; Donna; Dot Brocaloni; Walt; Tommy; Alice; George; Dott; Susan; Jerry; Lisa; Tony; Gail, Amy; Maureen; Carl; John; Audrey Buckalew (in hospice care); Grace (facing the end of her life & family strength/support);  For those having personal problems, including : James S. – going through hard times.

For those in recovery, Alice; George; Jerry Davis; praise for all soccer team boys rescued from the cave in Thailand; appreciation that Judy D’Amico is home from the hospital; and gratitude for Mike McHugh's birthday.

Traveling Mercies:
For all those traveling via air, road, train, or boat.
For Madeline Wert on the loss of her son; the families of Kathy Kirk; Lenny Solbelski; Jerome Ottavi; Ryan Rambaran; and the bereaved family of Yuni Bernhard.
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