What will you do with what God has given you?
Once upon a time the animals decided they should do something meaningful to meet the challenges of the new world. So they organized a school. They developed an activity curriculum of climbing, swimming, running, and flying.
The duck was excellent in swimming. But her grades in running were barely passing because she was so slow. Since she was so slow she had to drop swimming, which she really enjoyed to spend extra time running. This running caused her webfeet to be badly worn, so that by the end of the semester she was only an average swimmer.
The squirrel was excellent in climbing, but he was always in trouble in flying class. The teacher insisted that he start from the ground and fly up but he wanted to start in the treetops and go down. His flying teacher gave him a “D” because he could not follow instructions. The eagle was always being disciplined, in climbing class he beat everyone to the top of the tree but he insisted on using his own way to get there . . . flying.
The moral is clear. Each animal has its own natural abilities that is was designed to use. The only way the animal fails is if it is forced to do something it was not gifted to do. What is true of the animals of the forest is also true of us who walk upright. God has not made us all the same. Discover your natural abilities and enjoy them. Rabbits don’t fly. Eagles don’t swim. Squirrels don’t have feathers. Ducks look funny trying to climb trees. So do exactly were you designed to do.
I have always heard that within the church 20% of the people does 80% of the work. It is a noble thing that some people are willing to invest so much time into the Lord’s service, but the Lord has given each of us talents to use in the service of the Kingdom. I sometimes wonder what would the church be like if every servant used their talents to serve the Lord. Sometimes we are so focused on ourselves that we do not have time to focus on using our gifts to serve the Lord and sometimes we love the status quo so much that we do not want to do anything, or just want to do enough to get by. Jesus has given us talents and abilities that he expects us to do something with. He expects us to use those gifts. Christianity is not a religion where you simply join and sit back to watch, it is not a spectator religion, but it is a religion that every member must equally participate in.
This time of transition provides the opportunity to reflect upon what God has done through our church community. It is a time to reflect upon our both our successes and our shortcomings. And a time to discover how our talents can come together to make the church’s mission and ministry possible. We have great voices, great musicians, great givers, great speakers, great listeners and many hard workers for the Lord. We have those who know their talent and those just discovering what they are meant to do. And yet others rediscovering their talent.
The church is a body, not a business. We are an organism, not an organization. Whatever your gifts and talents are - you are needed by this body. You have been placed here to help the whole body. For a body to function properly – it needs all its parts - it needs all its members. It needs arms, legs, hands, and feet - all of its members for it to function to its fullest ability. The things that we do on earth matter and make a huge difference, but before we can choose to impact the world and our community, we must first choose to use what God has given us.
 What will you do with what God has given you?
Join us in Celebrating World Communion Sunday!
On October 7, 2018 along with Christians all over the world, come celebrate the Lord's Supper in worship at the E3 Service at 9:30 a.m. or the Traditional Service at 11:00 a.m. Between the services, the Christian Education Team will host a Coffee Hour, so stay after the E3 service or come early for the late service for food and fellowship .
Stewar dship
This month is our Annual Stewardship Campaign. We hope during the campaign you are inspired by the blessing it is to give. You will shortly receive a pledge card for 2019 in the mail. We hope that you will give it serious thought and prayer and that you choose to give freely and generously. Your gifts of time, talent and treasure are what make our church's mission and ministry possible
Spotlight on Mission
For the month of October, our mission dollars will be given to the Rescue Mission of Trenton. The history of the Rescue Mission is filled with examples of tough times and small victories. Since its humble beginnings, the Mission has always reached out to those least equipped to cope with the hardships of life. The City Rescue Mission was founded in 1915 by Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson at a time when rescue missions were springing up in urban areas throughout the United States as Evangelical Christians sought to bring the Gospel to growing urban centers. While ministering to the spiritual needs of the homeless, it became painfully clear that there were also many material needs the Mission had to address. In response, the Board decided to purchase beds and provide more meal accommodations so that these men could be housed for weeks at a time until they were able to get back on their feet. It is recorded that as early as 1918, the Rescue the Rescue Mission was a place of "refuge" for over 100 people per night.
Today, the residential substance abuse treatment program has been greatly expanded with substance abuse counseling and qualified nursing. While the Rescue Mission of Trenton has undergone many changes during the past nine decades, its focus has always been to help those in need to help themselves. The belief in the intrinsic worth of each individual continues to motivate the Rescue Mission of Trenton to provide the highest quality care and to offer support, encouragement, and a sense of dignity to all who enter through its doors .
Christmas Cantata Choir Rehearsals to begin Thurs. Oct. 4th . The choir will begin rehearsals on a new Christmas cantata “Let the Whole World Sing” on Thursday, Oct. 4th at 7:30 p.m. in the sanctuary. All are welcome to join the choir for this special presentation. The cantata will be presented on December 16, 2018 (Third Sunday of Advent) during the 11 a.m. worship service. There will be a dress rehearsal on Sat., Dec. 8th at 10 a.m. in the sanctuary. Cantata books and listening CDs are now available, please see Choir Director Marilyn Machmer. 
Since the birth of Christ, the gospel message has spread across the globe to a world that continues to shrink as communication technology expands. Christmas is now celebrated in more than 160 countries, by people as diverse as the cultures in which they live. Despite our may differences, we celebrate the season united as one kingdom of believers. The hope for peace on earth is shared by millions of people in every corner of the world; this was the inspiration for the cantata composer Joel Raney. This new cantata is made possible through generous donations to the UPC Memorial Fund.
Please note choir rehearsal on October 18th will be in the nursery.
Session Notes
  • The meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. Mustaro
  • The Treasurer’s Report was approved.
  • Session Minutes from meeting of August 21, 25, and Sept. 6, 2018 were approved.
  • Received and approved a request from Don LaCrosse to have Kenosis Ministry team meet in the Bartolet Lounge.
  • Building (Mold Issue) – Received estimate from Rico to remove drywall. Will continue to get estimates from other companies. Also, need an air quality test before demolition.
  • Fundraising – A&M will do a flyer sale for the 1st two weeks of October. We will receive 20% of the purchase.
  • Looking into other fundraising ideas to help pay for basement issues. Texas Roadhouse, Applebee’s Pancake Fundraiser, Amazon Smile are possibilities.
  • Christian Education – working on the 4 pm Christmas Eve Service; received Youth Group Schedule.
  • Process for Hiring Interim Pastor – Would need to have a job description, salary, benefits, etc. that we could pay. Session would interview potential candidates and approve the Interim. The Interim Pastor will guide us through the process of searching for a new pastor.
  • The doors are not always getting locked after church on Sundays. Tellers will be asked to lock the doors since they are the last to leave.

*The next session meeting will be Wednesday October 10th*
The United Presbyterian Women will hold their monthly meeting on Tues., Oct. 2 nd , 2018 at 10 a.m. in the lounge. Coffee/fellowship/bible study and business meeting to follow. Our focus will be Chapter 7, ‘Praying for God’s Will’, from the book Discovering God’s Will for Your Life.   All women are cordially invited to join us!
The Survivors Senior Group will meet in the church parking lot on Wed., October 10th at 9:00 a.m. (please be prompt and arrive about 10 min. early due to the distance we must travel). We will have a tour of the Whitesbog Historic Village in Browns Mills, NJ. Whitesbog was founded in 1857 and was restored to a 1900's village and is the site of historic cranberry and blueberry farms. It is the birth place of the first cultivated highbush blueberry. Following our tour we will enjoy lunch at the Vincetown Diner, Rt. 206 South, Vincetown, NJ. All seniors of the church and their friends are most welcome to join the Survivors for a wonderful tour and lunch. 

Our December event will be to see the "The Christmas Carol" presented by Gerald Charles Dickens, a great-great-grandson of author Charles Dickens. We will carpool to the United Methodist Church, corner of Broad and Lawrence Street in Burlington, NJ on Sunday, Dec. 9th at 1:00 p.m. The cost is $15.00 pp (non-refundable). Following the show we will have an early dinner at Fratellis Italian Restaurant, 1414 Route 130 N. Burlington, NJ.
If you plan to attend either event please make your reservation with
Rita Peterson (609-259-7256 or email ritapete@optonline.net ).
In addition, the Survivors community project this year will be to collect sweatshirts w/ hoods, hats, gloves and scarves for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. There will be a box in the back of the sanctuary where you drop off your donations. We thank you in advance for your generosity.
United Presbyterian Men
United Presbyterian Men will meet for breakfast at Golden Dawn Diner at 9am on Saturday October 20th. Please join us for Faith, Food and Fellowship! Any questions, please contact Jim Dixon phone 609-298-3398 or email jdixonsr@comcast.net
Youth Group
In November we will be making Hygiene bags for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. We are asking for donations of toothpaste, toothbrushes, men's deodorant, shampoo by November 4 th .

7 th - Youth Group 6-8pm at the church
14 th - Youth Group 6-8pm at the church
20 th Halloween Trip to Oasis Island of Terror
21 st  - No Youth Group
28 th - No Youth Group – Jean’s Retirement Party

Youth at UPC
Youth Group Fundraiser
 The youth group will start taking orders for our annual Thanksgiving pie sale on 10/14 and pies can be picked up at the church on 11/21 from 5-6pm. 
Order forms will be available in the narthex and can be placed in the offering plate.
Wreath Fundraiser
Let the Church Help You with Your Holiday Decorating While You Help the Church! We will be having a Christmas Wreath Sale to raise funds for the church. For the price of $25, you will get a beautiful 26 inch, fresh evergreen wreath adorned with a red bow and three pine cones. Orders must be received by November 1 and will be delivered the week of November 18th. To place your order, speak with or call Rose Wales, or fill out an order form at church and place it in the offering plate. 
Fall Fundraiser
We will be doing a fundraiser with A&M Garden Center on Rt 130. Bring this flyer to A&M when you go to get your fall mums, pumpkins and scarecrows and A&M will donate a portion of your purchase to United.
October 6th to October 14th
Family suffering from father’s addiction
Ted Claffey– For comfort in Hospice
Steven – Healing in rehab with drug addiction

Thanksgiving for the births of:
Cole James Dixon
James Avery Goldner
Rileigh Lynn Years

Hurricane Florence – pray for safety & welfare of those affected 
We Pray For:
Healing for:
Art – pray for heart surgery
Betty Lou – pray for healing
Bob Stultz – Continued healing in Rehab
Carol & Al D’Amico, – pray for healing
Donna – pray for severe infection
Eric Timm - Healing
Frank & Marilyn Kostar – pray for healing
Gail – pray for healing from chemo
Jeff Cook, – pray for healing from cancer
John Borek – pray for healing from cancer
Dinah – pray for sinus surgery
Michelle – pray for relief from allergies
Pat Anthony – pray for testing results
Tommy M. – pray for operation testing

McHugh Family –pray for healing, comfort, concern, and thanksgiving
October Birthdays
Birthday greetings to the members and friends whose birthdays are in October: 
 Lynne Rentner, Michael  Hopper
4 Ann Castor, Julie Plummer, Nancy Zelazny
5 Melissa McAnlis
7 Pete Heberling
9 Kendra DePew, Julianna Morolda
10 Karen Ashe, Leigh Miller, Gracie Spreat
11 Christie Sheppard, Joyce Walker
12 Noah Pinto         
13 Thomas Lanning
17 Stephen Anderson
18 Alicia Cardinale, Lydia Patterson
20 Reagan Bloodgood, Logan Hafitz,
Sharon Halko,Camille Nami
2 1 Laura Thibodeau, Katie King
23 Charles Cruser
26 Joseph Casole
28 Nicholas Glazewski
Click on the link below to view our October happenings.
New church office email address: office.upcnj@gmail.com