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After having a particularly hard day, Mrs. Fischer, a fourth grade teacher at Grimsrud Elementary,  wearily mumbled under her breath, "I'm so happy it's Friday." A little boy sitting a few steps away heard her and excitedly said that he, too, was happy it was Friday. Thinking that he had a birthday party to go to or was going somewhere fun out-of-town, the teacher asked him why he was so excited. 

The boy looked at her with excitement and said,  "I LOVE Fridays because I get to take a  backpack full of food home to my family." 


Mrs. Fisher told us about how she caught her breath and how tears formed in her eyes. How in one, joy-filled sentence, this boy changed her whole outlook on what it means to have a "bad day." How joy is everywhere, including in a simple gift that ensures that your family will have food to eat over the weekend. 


This success story is yours.  


We have come so far in our 2.6 million dollar goal, but we still have work left to do. We know we can do it with your help. 

Due to increased numbers (we're currently serving 871 kids over the weekend), the United Way Backpack program is $41,241 short of the goal needed to fully fund next year's program. 


Every dollar matters. At $5 per pack of food, $30 will feed SIX children through the United Way Backpack Program so they don't go hungry over the weekend. $100 will feed 20 children. 


Will you help us make up the projected shortfall and commit to changing the life of a child today? Let's do it! Let's meet our goal today. 


Make your gift.

40% ND Tax Credit

As you consider your charitable gifts between now and the end of the year, remember that gifts made now can generate income tax deductions that could help reduce your income tax bill. The amount you save depends on tax rates, how and when you give.


Consider the North Dakota Charitable Giving Tax Credit. Individuals and businesses are eligible for a 40 percent tax credit with a gift of $5,000 or more to MSA United Way's Endowment Fund or other qualified endowment funds. When federal savings are taken into account, your gift of $10,000 could cost as little as $2,500. If the credit cannot all be used in one year, it can be carried forward for three additional tax years.


Gifts of stocks, bonds and property may also be advantageous. Contact your financial advisor or tax professional to find out what situation is best for you.


Only gifts made by Dec. 31 can help reduce the amount of taxes you will owe next April.  


Make your gift today.