United Way of Connecticut Provides Important Information About the Upcoming General Election Through Voter Engagement Text Campaign 

Text "CTVOTE" to 898211 to receive information about the November 3, 2020 General Election.
ROCKY HILL, Conn. (October 23, 2020) — United Way of Connecticut believes that every voice counts, every vote has power, and every election matters. Voting offers every citizen an opportunity to shape our state and federal government responses to the challenges of our times, and to provide input on how government works to meet the needs of our families, our neighbors, and our communities.

United Way of Connecticut is committed to doing our part to ensure that eligible Connecticut voters exercise their right to vote and make their voices heard. This starts with having access to important information about when, where, and how to vote.

At United Way of Connecticut, we strive to meet the needs of Connecticut and its residents by providing information, education and connection to services. That is why United Way of Connecticut has launched a Voter Engagement Text Campaign in the final days leading up to the November 3, 2020 General Election. To sign up to receive important, time sensitive information about how to participate in the 2020 General Election, any Connecticut resident can simply text “CTVOTE” to 898211.

Through the Voter Engagement Text Campaign, United Way of Connecticut will provide, to each resident who opts in, information on how to register to vote, how to vote by absentee ballot, and what to do on election day if an eligible voter needs to register or locate their polling location.

“Voting is one of the greatest powers granted to citizens in a democracy, and a form of personal empowerment. Providing information to the clients we serve is an important way that United Way of Connecticut can encourage every eligible voter to exercise this fundamental right,” said Lisa Tepper Bates, President and CEO of the United Way of Connecticut. 

According to Nonprofit Vote, a national organization dedicated to helping nonprofits support their clients through voter education, voting is connected with a host of positive benefits:
  • Voters are more likely to volunteer and stay informed about local affairs.
  • Voters are more likely to engage in civic and political activities.
  • Voters are more likely to engage with elected officials and advocate for themselves and their families.
  • Voters are more likely to be active and engaged citizens who connect with their neighbors and participate in community activities.
  • Voters tend to have stronger social connections, leading to a greater quality of life and longevity.

Information about the November 3, 2020 General Election can also be found HERE and at
About United Way of Connecticut

United Way of Connecticut serves by 1) connecting people to information, education, and services; 2) supporting early childhood development and education; 3) responding to emergencies, whether they are personal/family crises or community-wide disasters; and, 4) promoting strong communities in collaboration with many government and nonprofit partners. These four objectives are carried out by means of our diverse array of services which creates cross-cutting connections that help to integrate the work of multiple government and nonprofit agencies.

United Way of Connecticut’s core services include Connecticut 2-1-1 contact center and point of entry for Mobile Crisis Intervention Services and Connecticut’s Coordinated Shelter Access Networks; 2-1-1 Child Care Resource and Referral Contact Center; 2-1-1 Child Development Infoline; and administering the State of Connecticut’s child care subsidy program, Care 4 Kids. United Way of Connecticut also works with local United Way leaders to advance the common good by creating opportunities for all, with a particular focus on education, income/financial security, health and basic needs.
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