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What's Happening at United Way?

March is National Nutrition Month! 

United Ways in Pennsylvania are focused on ensuring food security for all Pennsylvanians in every community.  Part of their missions to focus on the health of every person includes fighting for food programs that help low-income Pennsylvanians have access to food to nourish their bodies.  The Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP) is one such program. 

SNAP is the nation's largest anti-hunger program, which provides timely, targeted and temporary support to low-income households for the purchase of food.  SNAP serves households with income up to 130% of the federal poverty line that meet asset limitations.  Nearly 88% of SNAP households include children, the elderly or persons with disabilities.  The average monthly SNAP benefit per person in 2017 was about $4.13 a day.  

In 2017, about 42 million people access food through SNAP.  In 2016 in Pennsylvania, 15% of residents utilized SNAP, which is roughly 1,864,000 people. 

SNAP Works for Families, Communities and the Economy


SNAP supports work: SNAP supplements the income of low-wage earners helping working families make ends meet and is carefully structured to encourage work. SNAP Employment & Training dollars help workers prepare for and secure jobs.



SNAP reduces poverty: In 2014, SNAP kept over 8 million people- including 4 million children - out of poverty and boosted up more than 25 million others.


SNAP promotes economic activity: SNAP helps families buy food, freeing up resources to pay for other basic needs to get by, which infuses additional dollars into the local economy Moody's Analytics estimates that every $1 increase in household SNAP generates about $1.70 in economic activity.


SNAP supports health and education: Children with regular access to nutritious food have improved academic performance and have decreased risk of behavior problems, obesity, illness and infection. Further, pregnant mothers have improved birth outcomes & the elderly are less likely to forego prescription medications.

SNAP and the Farm Bill 

The Farm Bill authorizes agricultural subsidies, conservation policies, and new farm policies.  The legislation authorizing SNAP is included in the Farm Bill and is one of the largest titles covered in the bill.  SNAP accounts for 95% of all spending in the nutrition programs outlined in the Farm Bill.  Overall, nutrition spending makes up 80% of the total budget for the Farm Bill.  

The Farm Bill is up for reauthroization in 2019 and it is vital the SNAP program is protected.  United Way priorities for SNAP and the Farm Bill include:

Protect and strengthen SNAP to maintain responsiveness to combat hunger and provide financial stability;  

Ensure policies promote access and facilitate enrollment rather than create roadblocks; and 

Support work through increased investment in the SNAP Employment and Training Program.

United Way of Pennsylvania will be heavily involved in ensuring SNAP is reauthorized and strengthened in this next Farm Bill, as well as opportunities to weigh in on the SNAP program at the state and local level.  Please stay tuned for opportunities to advocate for a stronger SNAP program to provide Pennsylvanians the resources necessary for a healthy life! 

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United Way of Pennsylvania (UWP) is a state association representing our 48 member United Ways and United Funds across the Commonwealth. 

UWP's mission is to assist and champion the efforts of local United Ways in advancing the common good

Primarily UWP's work consists of government relations work on the policy issues affecting PA's communities in the areas of health, education, and financial stability.  In addition, UWP works with our local United Way members to support their efforts and offer support to their mission.  

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