November 15, 2023

United Way of Pennsylvania

SAVE Plan Lowers Federal Student Loan Payments

In August of 2023, the Biden Administration announced the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) plan, a new income-driven repayment (IDR) plan that calculates borrowers’ monthly payments on income and family size. SAVE, which replaced the Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) plan, is mindful of households, like ALICE, that are struggling to make ends meet and are burdened by educational loans.

The Department of Education estimates that more than 1 million low-income borrowers will qualify for a $0 payment, allowing households to focus on more pressing expenditures. Many borrowers who earn above 225% of the FPL, and are required to make a monthly payment, will likely save around $1,000 a year on payments in comparison to other IDR plans. In addition to lowered monthly payments, borrowers can expect to see multiple new benefits including the potential to not accrue additional interest on loans. This benefit can be utilized if a borrower’s payment is made but is not enough to cover the accrued monthly interest.

Additional benefits will go into effect in July 2024 and can be read about in depth at the link below. Do you have existing federal loans? Consider applying for SAVE today.

Apply for SAVE
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LIVE PA Grant Spotlight: Angels Protection

Since October 2021, United Way of Pennsylvania has partnered with the Pennsylvania Department of Heath to administer, promote and facilitate the COVID-19 Local Innovations in Vaccine Equity (LIVE) in Pennsylvania Grant. A grand total of $4 million dollars is available for mini grants to local non-profits along with $630,000 for faith-based organizations with the primary aim of providing access to COVID-19 vaccines for marginalized, underserved, and unserved populations across the commonwealth. Since the beginning of this initiative, we have been able to help dozens of non-profits and faith-based networks to educate and vaccinate hundreds of individuals who might not otherwise have access to vaccines while reimbursing them for their efforts. The grant has been extended through June of 2025 for non-profits and faith-based organizations to continue their work.

One LIVE PA grant partners is the non-profit Angels Protection Inc., based out of eastern Pennsylvania, The organization was founded in 2020, empowered with a strong mission to make the world a better place for girls, young women, and their children and families. Angels Protection Inc., has been able to come up with creative ways to advertise their vaccine clinics, as well as lead outreach initiatives to educate local neighborhoods, and simultaneously advance the cause of their organization.

As we look ahead, we continue to partner with local organizations in their efforts to bridge the equality gap in their local communities and invite anyone who is interested in the LIVE PA grant to reach out.

Helpful Resources:

PA 211 Makes Help Available for Veterans Year-Round

United Way and PA 211 send a special thank you to all Veterans.

We honor you and thank you for your sacrifices and hard work and service to our country.

Part of our mission is to serve those who have served our country, and PA 211 has curated a list of resources that help veterans connect to supports in their community.

PA 211 Veterans Resources

Happy Thanksgiving from UWP

Happy Thanksgiving from our UWP family to yours! We hope you enjoy your holiday season.

To find Thanksgiving meals across Pennsylvania, visit the link below.

(Resources are not guaranteed as many are filled by the month of October.)

Thanksgiving Meals Across PA

Extreme Cold Weather Warming Centers

As November begins, the weather is getting colder! ❄️

We want all Pennsylvanians to be as safe as possible in this weather.

Visit the link below to learn more about extreme cold warming centers across Pennsylvania.

Extreme Cold Warming Centers Across PA

Find Fall Resources Near You

As Fall comes to an end, PA 211 knows the anxiety that utility bills, the beginning of the holiday season, and food resources the winter season brings.

Get help with basic needs, holiday resources, and recreational activities for the whole family this winter season with PA 211!

To find resources in your area, click the link below and enter your zip code. Please contact individual agencies to check on program availability.

Find Resources Near You

Support Your Community

Will you help PA communities improve their financial stability, health, and education? Choose to support your local United Way, efforts to improve life for people who work and struggle to survive (ALICE), or our program to connect people to the help they need (PA 211.) Give, advocate, or volunteer today.

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