Youth and Philanthropy (YAP)

Do you know any high school students who want to make a difference in their community?

Youth and Philanthropy (YAP) is committed to the ideal that EVERYONE can be a philanthropist. We are looking for a diverse group of students with various passions, backgrounds, and skill sets to help make an impact in our community. Our staff and volunteers are excited to support students as they gain the tools and community insights needed to be part of the next generation of changemakers!

The Youth and Philanthropy (YAP) program is led by Myriah Marnell, Assistant Vice President at Tompkins Community Bank and UWTC Board Member with Gregg Houck, Director of Community Impact at United Way of Tompkins County.

Interested in becoming part of the 2022 Fall YAP Program? Self-nominate today!

This year Youth and Philanthropy (YAP) will be held on Thursdays from early October through early December. Meetings will be held from 5:30pm-7:30pm each Thursday. An in-person orientation will be held on Saturday, October 8th from 9:00am-4:00pm.

Youth and Philanthropy (YAP) empowers local 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students to take an active role in their community and understand the role of philanthropy in their lives. Participating students come together as grant reviewers to assess community needs and disperse an average of $25,000 each year to organizations addressing those needs. Participants gain skills in consensus building, critical thinking, community needs assessment, and interview techniques.

Is your organization interested in applying to the YAP Grant Fund?

Applications open September 12-October 14

Youth and Philanthropy is made possible through the generous support of Triad Foundation.

Summers of Service

United Way of Tompkins County's (UWTC) 2022 Summers of Service Program has ended but its impact will last for years to come

Interns Lydia and Grace working with The Advocacy Center, created a poster that helps teens identify sexual harassment and teaches them what to do if they or someone they know experiences sexual harassment. They also created a toolkit for educators and supportive adults within school communities to use to support student survivors of sexual violence. The work Lydia and Grace completed this summer will be a great, lasting resource for school districts to use.

The Summers of Service Program provides a triple win for students and local organizations; it gives students paid work experience, it gives agencies additional human resources, and it expands the number of community members that can receive service.

United Way of Tompkins County would like to thank The Advocacy Center of Tompkins County, Downtown Ithaca Children's Center, Greater Ithaca Activities Center, Ithaca Community Childcare Center, Southworth Library (Dryden), Village at Ithaca, and Village of Groton for their partnership and their efforts that made another successful Summers of Service possible.

Summers of Service is made possible by generous support of Cornell University and Legacy Foundation.