September 2020
We Earned Our "Thumbs Up"!
There are 1,078 United Ways in the USA, and United Way of Windham County is among the 520 that completed the 2020 United Way Worldwide membership requirements by the due date! Being here to serve our communities is our top priority. Here to another year of work together, Windham County!
Meet Our Team!
Each month we will introduce members of our Windham County Dental Center Team. This month we are pleased to have you meet Debbie and Mary!
Debbie Cloutier
Practice Manager
After joining United Way of Windham County, Debbie was tapped to manage the opening the Windham County Dental Center in 2019. With 16 years of experience working for and managing a dental practice, coupled with unflagging enthusiasm, she and her team accomplished this exciting, challenging goal. Her knowledge, professionalism and unwavering kindness set the tone for the center’s client-friendly environment.
Mary Joyce
Mary started her dental career in 2003 as an assistant. After graduating from Vermont Technical College with a hygiene degree in 2010, she became an Expanded Function Dental Assistant in 2014. Her passion is helping the center’s dental patients achieve a state of optimal oral health.
Since 1996, Mary has called southern Vermont home, where she loves to be outside with her dog and enjoys skiing, biking and gardening.
One year in business. 667 patients served to date. 1,335 appointments.
We have been working hard these past few weeks to inform Windham County about 2020 voting in Vermont. Many of you may have already received your ballots which started going out on Tuesday September 22nd. After you complete your ballot, bring it to your Town Office and use the secure ballot box. Planning to drop it off at the polls? Mask up and bring it with you on Election Day, November 3rd before 7pm.

If you plan to cast your ballot in person on Election Day, You will need to bring your blank mailed ballot with you, wear a mask, and follow social distancing guidelines.
For personalized information such as whether you are registered, as well as your local Town Office Information, go to My Voter Page
Have more questions about this year's voting process in Vermont? Go to the FAQs page

The CARES Act offers a new $300 tax deduction for donations to nonprofits. When you donate to The United Way of Windham County, you may be eligible for a tax break of up to $300, even if you don't itemize your taxes! This is a great time to donate.