United Way of Tucson has collected
$556,666 to help individuals and families in our Southern Arizona community.
United For Southern Arizona
COVID-19 Fund Updates:
As we pivot now from Response to Recovery, your United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona is excited to share bi-weekly updates related to our United for Southern Arizona COVID-19 Fund. Funds raised are used to help local individuals and families in our community as we work towards recovering and rebuilding our community from the COVID-19 crisis. It is only through your generosity that we are able to create a positive impact in the lives of others. Thank you for making this possible! Read on below for individual stories of impact, volunteer opportunities and other important updates.
Partner Agencies:
Community Stories
Thanks to the generous support of our funders and donors like you, United Way of Tucson has been able to help individuals and families start to recover and rebuild their lives in conjunction with our partner organizations. Below you will read the stories of these individuals and how they have been directly affected during this COVID-19 crisis.
Utility Assistance
From Higher Ground: “Alma* is a grandmother in her 80s who is taking care of her daughter’s three children. Her daughter and her partners have struggled to stay involved, coming in and out of their lives as they deal with various issues, arrests, and bouts of incarceration. Alma has been a consistent presence for her grandchildren, but lately, she is having a hard time making ends meet. The family relies on Alma’s monthly social security check for income, and one late or missed payment can drastically disrupt their budget. This past month, Alma did not receive her electric bill in the mail and assumed she had already paid it. When the next bill came, it was much higher than usual due to missed payment, heat wave, and all three grandchildren starting online school sessions. Assistance from our COVID-19 Fund will help Alma get back on track and ensure that the electricity stays on for her and her grandchildren.”
Family Assistance
From Primavera Foundation: “Michael* is a teacher with a serious medical condition that puts him at high risk for COVID-19. His school has teachers back in the classroom, so unfortunately, he had to make the difficult decision of stepping back from his work. The past six months have been challenging, but he is continuing to do his best and stay isolated at home. His family is largely depending on help from friends, neighbors, and others for tasks like errands and grocery shopping. And while his children are limiting their outside contacts, Michael has even needed to isolate himself from them to protect his own health. Michael has managed to find some work teaching over Zoom to make up his lost salary. Right now, his family’s biggest shortfall is their electric bill. United for Southern Arizona COVID-19 Funds will help Michael pay for household electricity while he works out a new plan for making ends meet.”
We need your help to keep
Southern Arizona United
We need your continued support to help our community recover and rebuild from the COVID-19 Crisis. For nearly 100 years, your United Way of Southern Arizona has been fulfilling our mission of mobilizing the community to solve real-time problems. Your gift to this fund will quickly support a child, family, or older person with what they need most as our community heals. Together, we can help each other and our community emerge from this stronger than ever. When we LIVE UNITED, we can achieve more than any single entity can alone. When you GIVE UNITED, you can change lives.