United Way of Tucson has raised
$1,133,994 to help individuals and families
in our Southern Arizona community.
United For Southern Arizona
COVID-19 Fund Updates:
As the pandemic stretches on, now more than ever before our community's big challenges call for big solutions. In the face of these challenges, your United Way continues to provide emergency funding for community members through the United for Southern Arizona COVID-19 Fund. Funds raised are used to help local individuals and families in crisis due to COVID-19. This week as you read the stories below, remember that Tucson needs you to GIVE BIG and GIVE UNITED.
Partner Agencies:
*Total Funds to be allocated through the end of the year
Community Stories
Below you will read the stories of how individuals suffering during the COVID-19 crisis have been directly assisted by the dollars raised for the United for Southern Arizona COVID-19 Fund. Now, more than ever we need the support of our funders and donors like you. To those who have given, THANK YOU for Giving Big and for Giving United.
Ajo's Rural Community Updates
From Ajo Center for Sustainable Agriculture: "My husband is retired, and I work. My son-in-law and granddaughter came down with COVID, and my daughter had to stay home and care for them. Unfortunately, she had no paid time off. Because of this assistance from Ajo CSA, we were able to help my daughter’s family during their two months without work. I made enough vegetable soup to feed an army and shared with my daughter, allowing her to feed her family - and at the same time saving us both money to put toward gas and medication. Thank you.”
United Way of Tucson Response:
Ajo Community Response
Since launching our United for Southern Arizona COVID-19 Fund in March, United Way has invested more than $45,000 to support community members in Ajo and its surrounding rural areas. This funding has helped people access healthy food, continue paying rent, and cover utility expenses amid job losses and travel restrictions. In addition to Ajo, assistance has reached people in Why, Lukeville, Gila Bend, and seven districts of the Tohono O'odham Nation: Sells, Hikiwan, San Lucy, Pisinimo, Gu Vo, Gu Achi, Chu Khu Khut.

Reports from our partners in Ajo illustrate how crucial assistance has been to people in these communities. Surveys from Ajo CSA, which operates a community food distribution program, suggest that the majority of their participants were making less than $30,000 even before the pandemic began, and 52% of recipients are aged 65 or older.
International Sonoran Desert Alliance (ISDA) has used funds primarily for housing assistance, with 71% of their United Way requests asking for rent. More than a third of those benefiting from ISDA’s assistance have been children.

In addition to COVID support, United Way and its partners, including Freeport McMoRan, remain committed to our longstanding programs in central and western Pima County – including early literacy efforts like My Summer Library, Great Expectations early childhood professional development with Head Start programs on Tohono O’Odham Nation, and VITA tax assistance. 
Now, more than ever our community's
Big Challenges call for Big Solutions
We need your continued support to provide life-saving services to our community as we struggle through the COVID-19 Crisis. Your gift to this fund will quickly support a child, family, or older person with what they need most during this difficult time. This year Tucson needs you to GIVE BIG and GIVE UNITED.
*All photos taken without masks were either prior to the pandemic or while maintaining proper social distancing.