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United For Southern Arizona
COVID-19 Fund Updates
Your United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona is excited to share weekly updates related to our United for Southern Arizona COVID-19 Fund . Funds raised are distributed to partner agencies and go directly to helping local individuals and families in our community during this critical time of need. It is only through your generosity that we are able to create a positive impact in the lives of others. Thank you for making this possible! Read on below for individual stories of impact, volunteer opportunities and other important updates.
Partner Agencies:
Community Stories
Thanks to the generous support of our funders and donors like you, United Way of Tucson has been able to help individuals and families in conjunction with our partner organizations. Below you will read the stories of these individuals and how they are being directly affected during this COVID-19 crisis.
Food Assistance
From DIRECT Center for Independence: “Juan” is elderly and disabled. He recently lost his brother who was his roommate, to COVID-19 and is now struggling to make ends meet without the income support of his brother. He also lost his brother’s support for shopping and running errands and is afraid to leave his home. “Juan” requested support to buy groceries and stay safe in his home.”

The Southern Arizona United for COVID-19 Fund is ensuring assistance is provided to those most affected by the crisis. Through this Fund, DIRECT Center for Independence was able to help Juan with food assistance so he could remain safe in his home.
Housing Assistance
Right now, individuals and families are rapidly running out of funds for housing. The Southern Arizona community is in urgent need of assistance during this difficult time of quarantine, job loss and health concerns.

From Primavera Foundation: “Esther” feels overpowered with fear, mental anguish, and financial hardship. She is a mother now living with two daughters, 13 and 9, and a 26 year old son. All family members are high-risk, “Esther” recently had heart surgery, her son is asthmatic, the nine-year old has a heart condition and both daughters have kidney disease. Since March the kids have been inside the house with such fear to even open the door, when the wind blows the youngest covers her ears and cries don't let it in mom. The stress and mental anguish has her at wits end. “Esther” received support to pay her mortgage payment for April."

The COVID-19 Fund has gone directly towards helping supply our partner agencies with housing and rental assistance to be distributed to the individuals and families most in need, including Esther and her children.
Family Assistance

From Interfaith Community Services: Zenaida is a single mother of a 7 year old daughter. She writes, “On March 17, 2020 I was put on temporary leave from my position as food and beverage supervisor due to COVID-19. These past few weeks have pushed me farther than I thought I could be pushed trying to make ends meet. I was told of this organization that could help with rent, as I was almost 3 weeks behind with not having work and trying to home school my daughter. At this point, I was behind on rent, I had already extended utility due dates, I have applied and am waiting for unemployment, SNAP, and emergency cash assistance. I reached out to interfaith and through this entire process it was the first time in weeks I felt comfort and could take a breath knowing I would be able to make it through this struggle. I want to extend my greatest gratitude to everyone involved making this time easier for everyone affected by COVID-19 as well as all the other struggles they help with.

Thank you for helping to support my daughter and myself make it through.”
Volunteer Opportunities:
El Rio Community Health Center is looking for 700 handmade masks for both adults and children to support their PPE needs in the Tucson area. El Rio is requesting donations of 50 or more masks at a time. If you would like to donate, please email: foundation@elrio.org  or drop off your masks to the Manning House in Downtown Tucson, 450 W. Paseo Redondo # 212, 9:00am-6:00pm Monday through Friday. Your masks will be used by the hard working first responders working at El Rio during the COVID-19 crisis.  https://www.facebook.com/ElRioCommunityHealthCenter/
We need your help to keep
Southern Arizona United
Your support right now is crucial to alleviate the financial hardship many are facing today. For nearly 100 years, your United Way of Southern Arizona has been fulfilling our mission of mobilizing the community to solve real-time problems. Your gift to this fund will quickly support a child, family, or older person with what is essential right now. Together, we can help each other and our community emerge stronger than ever. With our non-profit partners, United Way will continue to deliver emergency services and resources for individuals and families who need help today.  When we LIVE UNITED, we can achieve more than any single entity can alone. When you GIVE UNITED, you can change lives.