Lizzie was a college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree and the editor of her own online magazine. She had a good job and was a single parent successfully raising her 9 year old son alone until she made a decision that got her arrested with a felony drug charge. 

Having lost her job due to her arrest, Lizzie tried to find a new one but even with many interviews, couldn't get hired because of the felony on her record.  Now with no job, Lizzie could not afford after-school care for her son, didn't have money to feed them, and had to move in with her mother. Feeling hopeless she went to The Catholic Parish Food Pantry for help, which was her entry into the Family Table Collaborative

She began with the job’s program at StepUp Ministry where she completed the week long program and graduated. This was the beginning of a life changing experience for her.

Through the program she was introduced to other collaborative partner agencies. Dress For Success helped her with her self-confidence and professional clothing. Her son enrolled in the Boys and Girls Club, where he is very active. Lizzie continued to go on interviews and finally landed a good paying job. She went on to complete the second phase of StepUp Ministry and graduated the year long Life Skills program.  Through this collaboration she was able to get her life back on track, save money for a car, and now has her own apartment.  The family is well on their way to being stable and self-sufficient.

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