A Family Success Story
At the age of  37, Sumera came to Wake Child and Family Violence Prevention Collaborative (WCFVP) with her three children. Sumera had been a stay-at-home mom. Her husband of 13 years was the primary wage earner, and was also abusive. One night, during a verbal argument, Sumera knocked the phone out of her husband's hand when he threatened to record and frame her. He called the police and Sumera was arrested. After the arrest, Sumera's husband took physical custody of the children and would not let her see them. This left her homeless, without her children, and without an income. Sumera called WCFVP partner Kiran Inc for help and through their connection she was able to receive support for herself and her children through InterAct and SAFEchild. Sumera attended the PEACE program through which all criminal charges against her were dropped, and participation in the MOVE group enhanced her parenting skills. Legal Aid's divorce and custody clinic co-located at InterAct helped her to regain custody of her children. 

With the joint support of Wake Child and Family Violence Prevention partners, Sumera is reunited with her children, working a full-time job, and living violence free.

About the Wake Child and Family Violence Prevention Collaborative
WCFVP ensures that victims of domestic violence have the support they need to become, and remain independent and violence free. 

The families affected by violence served by this partnership experience additional barriers such as disability, homelessness, language and cultural challenges or youth related situations needing more coordinated, specialized, intensive services.   
This collaboration: 

  • Connects families fleeing from violent homes with comprehensive wraparound services that include access to attorneys through Legal Aid, culturally appropriate and specific services, short and long-term case management, parenting classes, and services for those with disabilities. 
  • Targets families who are at highest risk of serious injury or death 
  • Connects families with all resources within the collaborative 
  • Breaks the cycle of violence across multiple generations 
  • Offers families immediate safety and long term support 

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