APRIL 24, 2017
Occupy Olympia for Education!

Legislators have retreated behind closed doors to discuss the state's education budget - but that's not going to stop us from being present and holding them accountable!
We are joining together with other WEA locals and parent groups to Occupy Olympia for Education! Take a personal day and join the effort over the first two weeks of May.

From May 1st to May 5th and from May 8th to May 12th, we will jam hearings and maintain a presence wherever legislators are gathering to discuss education funding.
We need to make sure that our allies feel our support and resist the Senate's proposed budget, which:
  • eliminates voter-approved lower class size limits
  • eliminates our ability to bargain levy money and salaries 
  • cuts funding to special education and other basic services, and
  • eliminates the requirement that teachers have certificates to teach.
We will carpool from Seattle to Olympia leaving SEA offices at 7:15am each morning to reach Olympia in time for the budget committee hearings and will leave Olympia at 3pm each day. Lunch will be provided. Sign up today!

Wear Red on Monday May 1st to support immigrants and education!

Wear your red SEA tee shirt on Monday May 1st to support immigrant rights and to kick off
our Occupy Olympia actions. SEA has endorsed the immigrants rights rally on May 1st.
Join the rally after school starting at 1 PM at Judkins Park, 2150 S Norman St, Seattle, WA 98144
If you have lesson plan ideas related to immigrant and worker rights for May 1st, please send them to SEA@washingtonea.org.

The school day is changing next year to provide more instructional time for students, and more collaboration time for staff.
A team of SEA members has been working with the District since January to bargain over some of the remaining details of the change to a 20 minute longer student day with an early release every Wednesday.
Your Association Representatives will vote on the following changes at our Representative Assembly on May 8th, to be incorporated as a Memorandum of Understanding in our contract:

75 minute early releases every Wednesday
except for the first day of school.

The teacher-directed staff meeting Wednesdays can now instead be used for individual teacher planning  time in addition to PLCs and other collaborative work, in accordance with your CSIP and school equity goals.

Change 165 minutes of elementary PCP to 160 minutes of PCP  and allow elementary schools to adopt PCP schedules for 2017-18 without mandating everyone have planning on every Wednesday if the school chooses a different schedule through their decision-making process.

"We needed to address a fairness issue with PCP time and specialists," said Michael
Michael, elementary teacher and SEA Vice President. "If we have 165 minutes of PCP at elementary, our specialists will be teaching an additional 120 minutes each week next year while others will only see a 40 minute increase.  Changing to 160 minutes reduces the additional specialist teaching time to 80 minutes per week. By adding two more early releases than originally planned, and allowing individual prep during teacher-directed afterschool meetings, we will offset that change to PCP."

PE Teachers Sue Doty (Thornton Creek) and Shirley Briones (Cascadia), Librarian Paula Wittman (West Woodland), and Art Teacher Robyn Jordan (Lowell),
lent valuable input as this agreement was reached with the district.
Leadership Summit kicks off action on equity

"I am really glad I came," said Len Hill, teacher at Hawthorne Elementary. "This wasn't what I expected. It was much more about us talking with each other as educators."
The idea behind our new Center for Race and Equity is that we as educators are already engaging in many practices which are bringing equity into our system, but we need to create space to engage and organize to develop those practices and amplify them through the system.
In that spirit, we organized our first CRE Leadership Summit on March 25th with over 75 educators attending.
After a keynote from Nate Bowling, former teacher of the year from Tacoma, we had four  sharing sessions: culturally responsive
teaching in primary and secondary, disproportionate discipline, and access to choice.
After lunch, we worked together to begin planning for action on the same focus areas in addition to three more: recruitment and retention of educators of color, ethnic studies, and specialist and enrichment resources equity. 
All of the focus areas were identified from the focus groups and district wide survey, all of the presenters were educators and the action plans were created by educators. The next
step is to continue developing and taking action on those plans to change our system and to use our collective power to address those issues.

Please come to the following action team meetings to help design the future action to address inequities in our system. RSVP to SEARaceandEquity@washingea.org for location.

* Tuesday, 4/24, 4:00-6:30 - Ethnic Studies 
* Saturday, 4/29, 12:00-2:30 - Culturally Responsive Teaching 
* Tuesday, 5/2, 4:15-6:45 - Equitable Access to Advanced Curriculum
* Thursday, 5/4, 4:15-6:45 - Recruitment and Retention of Teachers of Color
* Tuesday, 5/9, 4:00-6:30 - Disproportionate Discipline
* Thursday, 5/11, 4:00-6:30 - Specialist and Enrichment Resources 

"High School Counselors in Seattle Public schools are assigned at a "ratio of approximately 400:1" (Article 9, Section K, 6). But in the fall of 2016 the Ingraham High School Counselors were surprised to see they would not be given any additional staff when their caseload numbers were nearly 450 each (150 total over).

After the district refused to give them additional staff and support, asserting that their projected average would eventually dip (which it has yet to do - in fact enrollment has grown at Ingraham HS). The three counselors, Leanne Hust, Angie Allemand and Jensen Bonney decided to file a grievance.

The district has stated that caseload  overage is not determined by the number of actual students they are expected to serve- but the Average Annual Full-Time Equivalent Enrollment [AAFTE]. While AAFTE might be a way for the district to determine initial staff allocations- the average does not reflect the total numbers of students counselors are expected to support. Leann Hust's 8-year-old son said it best, "You do not give out the food in your office bases on averages. You would give that kid a full granola bar, not half of one just because they are not fully counted."

*The Ingraham Counselor's grievance moves onto Step 3 this month.   
 > > > QUICK NOTES < < <

Special education action planning meeting, Wednesday, April 26, 4:30 PM to 6 PM . Join us at the Original Van Asselt Building (7201 Beacon Ave S) on Wednesday to identify and prioritize issues and concerns around special education, and plan the steps toward taking action on these issues. Register here.

Need a healthier and more ergonomic work space?  Call Gretchen Helling, an Injury Care Administrator at 252-0712.  Gretchen will make a personal visit, access your desk area, make positive suggestions and eventually give you a written report.  I found this service very helpful and it gave me the information I needed to forward to  my Principal in order for me to attain a chair that changed my life! Lynne Hubbard, SAEOP President

Parapros and SAEOPs: What can count for professional development? Professional development is activities that are learning-focused as opposed to business or task-related meetings:

* Classes inside and outside of the district
* Professional Learning Communities
* Collaborative Work Groups
* Building-based professional development
* Departmental-based learning opportunities
* Online learning
* and MORE! When in doubt, check with your supervisor for guidance regarding appropriate    professional development activities.

New Business Items (NBIs) bring members' voices forward. But overwhelming feedback from building reps stresses the need for greater efficiency in the NBI process. SEA will be developing a committee to help streamline how we do this important work. Please send you suggestion for committee members to SEA@washingtonea.org Attn: Matthew Kirshman and Peter Henry.

New Budget means a new vote. With the restoration of access to local levy money (averting the so-called "levy cliff"), schools have had money restored to their budgets. Unless your staff already adopted a restoration budget when you made your first budget, you'll need to vote on a new budget.


Mike Cleavenger, a SpEd IA at Van Asselt, is suffering from chronic PTSD and high blood pressure and is in need of sick leave due to the unpredictible nature and severity of his condition. He thanks you in advance for helping to ease this burden with your sick leave donations.

Jasmine Singh, Payroll SAEOP in the district office, is having eye surgery soon and doesn't have enough sick leave and would appreciate any you could donate.

Huldah Williams, SpEd IA at Ingraham, was recently involved in a serious car accident and needs as much sick leave as possible for a lengthy recovery. She thanks you for any and all help you can give.

Lynne Russell, a Cert at Sanislo, is on short-term disability but has no sick leave banked when that period runs out and asks for your help in donating leave to fill in the gap. 

Jennifer Toth, an IA at Whittier, is recovering from an on-the-job injury and is in need of sick leave to help meet the demand of ongoing medical appointments. Any assistance you can give in sick leave donations is very much appreciated and will help Jennifer recover and get back to serving the students she loves!

Melissa Turecek, a SpEd teacher at Broadview Thomson, is currently recovering from a traumatic injury. Melissa has run out of sick leave and yet still has not recovered fully. She needs our help - any assistance you can give in sick leave donations is very much appreciated!

Thank you all for your generous donations in this challenging time for the above members.

Members can access the shared leave form by clicking HERE. Forms can be submitted to HRLeaves@seattleschools.org or FAXED to 206-252-0021 or mailed to Seattle Public Schools, MS 33-380, PO Box 34165, Seattle, WA 98124-1165.

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