NOVEMBER 1, 2018
Upcoming Ethnic Studies PD Series and Teaching for Black Lives Book Study led by SEA Center for Race and Equity Educators

Ready to teach Ethnic Studies? Check out six new PD offerings on Wednesday early releases covering topics such as culturally responsive teaching and racial equity literacy. The classes take place on "red" early release days (common planning) and clock hours are available.

On Saturday, December 8 th , join Garfield teacher Jesse Hagopian and Professor Wayne Au for a book study and discussion around Teaching for Black Lives, their recently released book for which they were co-editors and contributors. SEA Center for Race and Equity Educators will also be available for lesson plan support.


Help Your Substitute, Help Your Students

Did you know that over the course of their K-12 years, a student will have a substitute for a semester or more of their total class days?

While having clear, manageable lesson plans is of course the first priority, there are a few other things that we should provide our substitutes to help them be as effective as possible:
  1. Current class lists, including any "walk-to" groups (mostly in elementary schools)
  2. Information regarding students with special needs and their accommodations, whether it is a 504 plan or an IEP
  3. Emergency procedures, including escape routes and locations of emergency backpack and first aid kit

Nuclear Weapons? No Thanks!

Peter Henry, President, Seattle Substitutes Association

Nuclear weapons are in the news again - President Trump plans to withdraw the US from an important nuclear arms limitation treaty with Russia. This could well trigger another nuclear arms race. It's a big deal, but the issue will probably fade from public consciousness in a few days or weeks - unless we keep it there.

Nuclear weapons did not go away. They are still capable of wiping out human civilization. The only other immediate threat on this scale is human-caused global warming. We need to focus and maintain attention on both these issues.

Last year the SEA joined the coalition Washington Against Nuclear Weapons as a supporting member. Just in time for the elections, the coalition is distributing a candidates' survey on nuclear issues. Please take a few minutes to check out the candidates' responses here:

Then contact the elected leader of your choice to tell them to work on eliminating nuclear weapons.

First Professional Growth & Development Newsletter for 2018!

Welcome Back!

We hope this newsletter finds you settling into a new school year with a renewed focus on student learning and professional growth. This newsletter is intended to answer some of the questions around the evaluation process, eVAL, and our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) evaluation language.

Click on the link below to find important dates from the CBA, the TPEP training schedule, eVAL support, as well as links to the new CBA language around the new Professional Growth and Educator Support (PGES) system.

Click here to view the entire PG&E Newsletter.


Tech Pay Form for 2018-2019

(*SPS informed SEA today that due to programming delays they were not able to include tech pay in our November 1st paychecks. HR assures us they will be ready in time for the December paycheck.)

Certificated staff can begin submitting for up to 32 hours of tech pay (based on your FTE), using the new form. The form needs to be signed by your principal.

The tech time is for work we are doing to incorporate technology into our practice, and it can be for time spent during our regular work day. While the first few items on the list are for "modules" that you can do, most of the rest is for work you are doing on your own (e.g. "2.2 Using digital resources with students to produce information," or "4.4 Creating parent communication digitally").

You can also add other ways you are learning to use technology beyond the list, including any actual workshops or trainings you participate in. For these, use the "Personalized Professional Learning Using Technology" section at the end of the form.
While tech time is part of the certificated staff's 10.5% increase, classified staff received a 10.5% increase from District general funds, so there is no tech time for classified staff. Long term certificated subs do qualify for tech time, on a pro-rated basis.
The full-year school calendar and work calendars for 2018-19 have been  posted! Click here to view.

Final proofreading of our new contracts is almost completed. We expect them to be posted on our website later this month. A notice will go out as soon as they are posted.

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Thank you all for your generous donations to those who share their need for leave. 

Vivian Belcher at Ballard HS is in the hospital and fighting a return of cancer. Any help you give in donating sick time will be very beneficial and appreciated.

Anya Fairweather, Dev Preschool @ Boren STEM needs donated sick leave, as her daughter born in July has a heart defect and it's causing her loss of appetite, has slowed her growth and she can't gain weight. Open heart surgery is planned for late November. At 4 months old, the care necessary for before and after surgery is extensive, so any and all donated sick leave will be tremendously appreciated! Anya has nowhere near enough to cover this type of crisis.

Linda Todd, Teacher at Arbor Heights & Beacon Hill had some recent surgery that has a lengthy recovery time. She thanks you in advance for helping her with donated sick leave to get through this healing time.

Mona Aboel-Nil, Teacher at Eckstein MS is having a 2nd breast cancer surgery and needs more sick leave to cover the recovery time when she can't work. She appreciates any amount you can donate to help.

Members can access the shared leave form to donate hours by clicking HERE. Forms can be submitted to or FAXED to 206-252-0021 or mailed to Seattle Public Schools, MS 33-380, PO Box 34165, Seattle, WA 98124-1165.

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