October 21, 2016
Black Lives Matter in Seattle Public Schools

Across Seattle on Wednesday, from high school to kindergarten, students and educators engaged in what it means to affirm that black lives matter.

"We started our discussion with where the kids are at," said Len Hill, 4th/5th grade teacher at Hawthorne Elementary. "Even the youngest kids have thoughts and experiences about fairness."
Thousands of educators, and many, many principals, wore Black Lives Matter tee shirts and stickers. As Broadview Thompson parents and staff assembled with a banner in front of the school, librarian Marian Laughlin watched one young black student. "As she walked by, a smile broke out on her face. Then she walked back by again, with a bounce in her step. The third time past she was dancing!"

Racial equity teams in many schools, some of the official variety, others not, developed lessons that were used school-wide at schools as diverse as Cleveland, Nathan Hale, Washington, Loyal Heights, Wedgewood and dozens more.

"We literally had students cheering when they realized what we were going to be talking about," said Laura Lehni, LA teacher at Washington Middle School.

As DeShawn Jackson, special ed teacher at Muir Elementary, reminded us when he told the Seattle Times: "when the shirts come off, the real work begins."

SEA, through our new Institute for Equity, will be posting lessons and curriculum used for teaching about equity on our website so educators around the district and even the country can have access to them and help build on this critical work.

     FAQ on Part Time Certificated Staff

Do part-time staff receive a 30 minute duty free lunch?

Do part-time staff need to come 30 minutes before their classes start, and stay 30 minutes after?

No. This time is paid time, so it is pro-rated by their FTE. If someone is half time, they 
would need to come 15 minutes before and stay 15 minutes after (if the rest of the school is doing 30 before and after).

What about prep time?

Most part-timers are able to have their prep time before or after the classes they are actually teaching. In those cases, the prep time is prorated by their FTE. So, for example, if a half-time teacher has a prep period following their last class, they can consider that prep period to last half as long.
If your prep time is "enclosed," that is, it falls in between periods you are teaching, then you can count the extra prep time toward your requirement to stay before or after school.

What about staff meetings?

If your day ends at mid-day, your principal will need to pay you for your attendance at staff meetings. If your day typically ends when the rest of the school ends, then work out a schedule with your principal for which meetings you will attend. A half time staff person would attend about half of staff meetings.

What about District or School TRI days?

You are expected to attend these for the full day. Submit an extra duty form to be paid for the hours beyond your FTE.

Tips you can use!

Have you thought about a stand up desk?

Cheryl Smith, Office Administrator, North Beach Elementary has an easy hack for office staff and others to create a standing desk.

I used bed risers to raise my desk. I love my stand up desk because in an elementary school I am constantly called away from my desk to the copier, or health room, or front counter, or (fill in the blank!)  I like the ease of moving about the office without tripping over a rolling chair and I can easily get where I'm needed.  

Do you have a tip for certificated or classified staff? Send them to SEA@washingtonea.org.
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Welcome to a new SEA UniServ Representative: Torian 
Hodges-Fincha former 6th grade social studies teacher from Tennessee and most recently a staff person at the Ohio Education Association. Torian will be working with schools in the southeast region. He can be reached at thodges@washingtonea.org .

Attend the WEA Human and Civil Rights Leadership Conference, November 18 (evening) and 19th.

Coming up: American Education Week. Celebrate the team of educators in each of schools!

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Carrie (Catherine) Clogston, a former special education instructional assistant at Thurgood Marshall and current Capital Programs Project Assistant is currently undergoing intense treatment for head and neck cancer that metastasized to her lymph nodes. She had surgery in July and has been undergoing chemo and radiation weekly since August.  Carrie is seeking sick leave donations so that she can finish her treatments and recover without the loss of pay or risk of losing her insurance.

Members can access the shared leave form on the District website ( www.seattleschools.org).  Go to the Human Resources section to access  "Current Employees" and "Leaves of Absence" to find the form. Forms can be submitted to Monica Menchaca, 206.252.0614 / Momenchaca@seattleschools.org, leave department analyst.

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