Phyllis Campano

Dear Seattle Education Association,

I want to thank you all for the work you do every day with our students and to make our SEA voice powerful through collective action. Over the past seven years, we put 5,000 SEA members on the streets of Seattle to fight for full funding of public education, we went on strike for the
first time in 30 years to fight for recess, equity teams and built a lasting relationship with our parent community. Together, we built relationships with our communities to fight to keep educators in classrooms and for curriculums that work for our students. We have established relationships with other unions, picketing with our school bus driver union family. We have constructed a professional growth and support system for certificated educators carried out by educators. We began a mentor program for our classified members; we are still growing. SEA members have become drivers in the changes for racial equity in the school district.

The work we've done together to engage members and develop leaders at every level has made our union strong. We are heading in a better direction for our students, our members, and our community.

Knowing we have incredible and fierce leaders ready to step forward to continue to push SEA as a leading organization, now is the exact time to step out of the way of those leaders. I will be returning to my first passion as a special education educator on December 2, 2019. A great opportunity has opened in a school close to my home.

I will continue to be engaged in SEA as a member of the SPED taskforce. I am proud of the work we have done together and I know SEA will continue to be a leading force of change in public education.

It truly has been an honor to serve as the President of the Seattle Education Association.



Seattle Education Association
5501 4th Ave S, Ste 101
Seattle, WA 98108

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