JANUARY 30, 2018
SEA Members Stand with Bus Drivers! 

In a strong display of solidarity, SEA members voted 93% in favor of walking out during a Wednesday early release if the Teamster bus drivers go on a multi-day strike.
"Everyone needs affordable healthcare and a secure retirement," said Phyllis Campano, SEA President. "With $6 billion in profits last year, First Student can easily afford to do better than what they have offered."
More than two thirds of SEA members voted. If the walkout is called, our tentative plan is to picket at the two bus barns and at key intersections elsewhere in the city.

State legislature convenes, fixes to school funding needed

A sweeping new law covers school funding and educator salaries, but there are confusing and  contradictory provisions which need to be straightened out in the 60 day legislative session underway.

Unclear still is whether we will be restricted to a cost of living salary increase in 2018-19, or whether a recent court ruling will push the state to move its funding plan forward a year, allowing more open bargaining over salary.

Senate Bill 6397 contains many of those fixes and is being supported by WEA. SB 6397 would:
  • Provide full funding of McCleary compensation levels in the 2018-19 school year to comply with the state Supreme Court ruling.
  • Create an "experience mix" factor for districts with above-average salary costs. 
  • Improve the regionalization pay to address border effects caused in the new law.  
  • Phase in the remaining I-1351 class size and workload reductions. 
  • Increase local levy funding and flexibility to meet local needs beyond state-funded basic education. 
  • Modify the funding formula to ensure special/high needs students receive the support they need to succeed. 
  • Ensure districts receive enough funding to meet ongoing salary needs.
Go to the WEA Our Voice page for the latest updates from Olympia.


Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Schools, February 5 -9th
Educators around the country have come together to organize a Nationwide Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Schools. In a growing display of support, Superintendent Nyland and the Central Office Leadership has also stated the district support for this movement in our schools. According to  TeachingforChange.org, "the goal of Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Schools is to spark an ongoing movement of critical reflection and honest conversation in school communities for people of all ages to engage with critical issues of racial justice."
There are three themes that will be covered throughout the week:

1.        End Zero Tolerance
2.        Hire Black Teachers
3.        Mandate Black History/Ethnic Studies 

There are multiple ways to participate and join the educators nationwide in solidarity.
Supplement planned lessons with resources, materials, or concepts that connect with the themes or the movement ( Seattle educator created lessons for K-12 can be found on the SEA Center for Race and Equity: Black Lives Matter Week Resources page)

1.        Engage in conversations with colleagues about the ways that students know
      that black lives matter.
2.        Self-study topics that increase your understanding and awareness of the
           BLM movement and of critical race theory.
3.        Purchase a BLM t-shirt and wear it on Monday, February 5th (see below)
4.        Become a supporting member of the SEA Center for Race and Equity by
           signing up for monthly contributions.
5.        Attend the "Final Rally on February 9th from 6:00-9:00 at Cleveland High 
School featuring students, educators, parents and activists discussing their vision for supporting Black Lives at School. Musicians, poets, and artists too, including the Northwest Tap Connection! Hosted by the Social Equity Educators and endorsed by the SEA Center for Race & Equity.
Black Lives Matter in Schools tee shirts available
The SEA Center for Race and Equity (CRE) is offering a tee shirt which has the national  Black Lives Matter at School logo on the front, and the SEA Center for Race and Equity logo on the back. The tee shirt is $15 (pre-pay through PayPal or cash/check in person) and is available in Small though 3X until supplies run out. Tee shirts are free for supporting members of the CRE. Click this link to view and place an order.
The Social Equality Educators group has also created a tee shirt with the national  Black Lives Matter at School logo on the front. It also has #SayHerName on the front, while the back lists several demands developed around the week. The tee shirt is also $15 and is available in Small, Medium and Large, only.   Click this link to view place an order. 


>>>>> QUICK NOTES <<<<<

    1. Stay up to date! Get text updates from us: 
           text SeattleEA to 41411.
    2. Watch for upcoming bargaining discussions at your building!

In February and March, SEA reps will be organizing building meetings to organize and discuss bargaining issues.  These meetings will be in conjunction with other buildings and be delivered through a digital platform with SEA leadership and bargaining team members.

    3.  Sick leave for daily subs

A new law went into effect January 1 that allows all daily subs to accrue 1 hour of sick leave for each 40 hours worked. SEA Substitute Association members Peter Henry, Stan Stasner and Molly O'Neil have been at the bargaining table with SPS over this new law. Watch for more information soon!

4.  Applications being accepted for Culturally Responsive 
Teacher Leadership Cadre

The Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction Department is seeking applications for the Culturally Responsive Teaching Leadership Project, which is in its third year of development.  Teacher leaders will work collaboratively to support the development of professional learning resources and supports for culturally responsive teaching practice.  The CRT Leadership cadres will work in coordination with Racial Equity Teams to support the implementation of racial equity work across the system.  Please encourage eligible teacher candidates, particularly teachers of color, to apply. Please  contact Laura VanDerPloeg, Manager of Professional Development at   lsvanderploe@seattleschools.org .

5.   2018-2019 Application for Long Term Leave due March 1

To be considered for a non-health related leave during the 2018-2019 school year, submit your application here.

The objective of the Long Term Leave program is to afford current staff the opportunity for personal and/or professional growth. These leaves may be granted for professional growth or education, or other purposes approved by Human Resources.
    6.  The school calendar for 2018-19 is posted! Click here to view.
    7.  When can classified staff use comp time?

Per Federal and State guidelines, an employee can accrue hours and take them when requested unless it would "unduly disrupt" operations. Accrual is limited to 240 hours, and the District can require that the comp time be used within two years of accrual. 
    8.   Grants for educators!  

The Seattle Education Foundation is offering grants of up to $10,00 to educators in grades pre-k through 12 for innovative activities that will improve and enhance the quality of education for students in Seattle Public Schools. Application deadline is April 20. For more information, click here.


Don't miss out  on breaking SEA text alerts: text SEATTLEEA  to 41411 to stay informed!


Patti Crow, a paraprofessional at Madison Middle School, is fighting a Glioblastoma brain tumor.  She has been off work since November and is due to start both radiation and chemo next week. Patti is looking at weeks of radiation and Chemo and all her sick leave runs out on January 29. She's very grateful for any hours you can donate.

Evelyn Quiambao , a Head Start paraprofessional, is requesting sick leave as she continues to recorver from a fall she suffered at school last year.

Georgina "George" McNutt is a special ed instructional assistant at John Hay Elementary. She is battling stage 4 colon cancer and would appreciate any donations of sick leave.

Gwen Murray , Access SpEd Teacher suffers from a rare genetic immune deficiency which causes swelling in various parts of her body and unfortunately the frequency of attacks has been high lately due to loss of work has caused a complete depletion of her sick leave. It is with humility & gratitude that she solicits your assistance. 

Scout Broadhead, Psychologist serving Nova High School has been dealing with health issues that have caused depletion of her sick leave. She works with a very high proportion of students qualifying for special education and many others having significant mental health needs, and is looking forward to returning to help, but needs sick leave donations until she can. 

Thank you all for your generous donations in this challenging time for the above members. 

Members can access the shared leave form to donate hours by clicking HERE. Forms can be submitted to HRLeaves@seattleschools.org or FAXED to 206-252-0021 or mailed to Seattle Public Schools, MS 33-380, PO Box 34165, Seattle, WA 98124-1165.

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