OCTOBER 24 -27, 2022

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We're gathering our Unity Southwest Region history for a family album!

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During the Unity Convention this month, many of our Southwest Region family were recognized in the graduation and ordination ceremony at Unity Village on June 13th.

This photo (taken by Rev. Charli Tupper) at Unity Village features those who were able to attend in person and cross the stage (not pictured: Linda Burdett): Rev. Penni Honey, Rev. Sue Frederick, Rev. Karol Scotta and Rev. Stacy Macris Ros.

Rev. Linda Burdett served Unity of El Cajon, but has since moved to Tennessee. Rev. Shara Moscinska and Rev. Helen Wright were licensed as Unity Ministers at the ceremony.

The video is available on our Facebook page.
Join Rev. Blair Tabor and
The Alhambra Foundation
on a Holy Land Trip
There is still time to sign up to join the Holy Land trip!
You have a chance to visit the sites in the Bible that you have read about for years. November 1-10 this year, 2022, our Alhambra Foundation is sponsoring an inspiring trip to the Holy Land.

As a leader of a Unity Ministry, you can travel at a discounted rate. For every person who signs up through your organization, you will receive a 10% discount. If you have 6 people sign up, you travel for free, except for the $700 taxes and airline surcharges. In addition, there will be tips for the guide, bus driver, porters, etc. that I will collect before we leave.

Among the places we will visit are: Mt. Carmel, Nazareth, Capernaum, Magdala,Mount of the Beatitudes, Cana, Jacob's Well, Bethany - Lazarus' Tomb, Jericho, Dead Sea, Jerusalem: Wailing Wall, Temple Area, Pool of Bethesda, Via Dolorosa, Garden Tomb, Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemani, and Bethlehem.

The trip is available to people outside your congregation. Family, friends, and others outside of your group are welcome to join us.

For a one page flyer, the full brochure with all the itinerary information and a sample ad for your bulletin, newsletter or website, contact Rev. Blair at info@unityalhambra.org.
Unity EarthCare
David Cordova is our region's EarthCare representative. Contact him at davecordova@msn.com or visit the EarthCare UWM web page at unityworldwideministries.org/earthcare, where you can also view their newsletters.
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