Thursday April 11
7:00 - 8:00 pm

Crystal Bowls with Renee Dollar
With Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation experience a mind-body-spirit alignment for a natural state of Wellness.
Sunday , April 14 10:30 Celebration Service
 #1 Be One With Life: Connect With the Source of your Abundance 
Abundance is not about creating a luxurious life for everybody on the planet. It is about creating a life of possibility. It is about observing where we see scarcity, and creating abundance anyway. As your awareness of your oneness with the Universe deepens you will begin to see through new eyes; everywhere you look you will find the principle of abundance operating .

9:30 Meditation Reiki Healing
Fellowship Room
THIS Saturday April 13 2019 Gulf High School
Register now on-line at :

Walker check-in is between 8 -10 am on Saturday. You can also register at the event , however that will take longer than doing it now on-line.
You can bring your donations along on Saturday.

We're sure you will find it in your heart to support the Hunger Walk !
Meet The Minister
Sunday April 14 after Service in the Unity Room
New to Unity? Been here a while and have questions about what your hearing and what we do? Or just want to meet Rev Marty in a small group setting for a chance to visit longer than at the doorway after service?
Bring your coffee and snack to the Unity/Family room at
11:45 am for this opportunity
Pat Schell Book Signing
This Sunday, April 14
Pat will have her books for sale or if you already have a copy ,
bring it along and have Pat sign it!
Pat understood that we create our own life situations through our very thoughts, and she began to probe and search for tools that would allow her to get very clear on this life process.
Therein lies the story behind the book itself:
How we implement spiritual tools into our daily lives. 
Sunday April 28
9 AM
Meditation Service
Pat Schell will be leading a Special Meditation on Easter Sunday .

Join her for a meditative Walk around the Labyrinth . This Easter Sunday mediation at 9 am replaces our normal 9:30 am meditation. This will allow you adequate time to mindfully walk the labyrinth .
If it is raining on April 21, the mediation will be in the
Fellowship Room and will start at 9 AM .
Pet Blessing Sunday April 28th
We cannot bring our live pets so bring pictures of your pet or past pet that we will display. If you do not have a pet right now, grab a stuffed one.
Book Group Wednesday
1:00 -2:30 pm

NY Times Bestseller "The GOD Box"
by Mary Lou Quinlan
Guided Healing Meditation

Tuesdays at 12 to 12:30 pm

Meets on Wednesdays
11 am -12:15 pm
Unity Room
For more information call Anne 727-430-8198
Phone 727-848-7702
 5844 Pine Hill Road Port Richey