Thursday, July 11 Meditation
7-8 pm (no admittance after 7:10)
Crystal Singing Bowls with Renee Dollar  
Experience a mind-body-spirit alignment for a natural state of Wellness. The meditation utilizes quartz crystal bowls that are tuned to the body’s chakras and emit sound vibrations tones that not only offer a relaxing sound journey, but also have multiple healing properties. 
Love Offering
Sunday, July 14 10:30 am Celebration Service
“Who did this?”
It is one of the first questions we hear as children that initiates fear. Whose fault is anything anyway? If no one is to blame, why do we feel so betrayed, wronged, blamed and guilty even when we may not be? And how do we change that?

9:30 am   Meditation
Reiki Healing 
Thursday, July 18 Meditation
7-8 pm (no admittance after 7:10)
Low Resonance Sound Meditation with Kevin
Improve your clarity and balance & improved memory and concentration. Improved sleep (both in quality and quantity) Get a stronger immune system, improved creativity and heightened awareness, both of the self and the environment. Love Offering
I of the Storm    
6 week class starting on July 16 through August 27
Two times offered —Tuesdays 10:00 am –11:30 am
or 6:00 pm– 7:30 pm   Sign up in the lobby
Books are available in the Unity Bookstore
Love Offering    NO CLASS on AUGUST 13
This class meets 1 requirement for voting membership
Book Group Wednesday
1:00 - 2:30 pm
Book series
"Practical Metaphysics"
available in our bookstore
Meets on Wednesday s
11 am -12:15 pm
Unity Room

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