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Join us for this amazing fundraiser concert for our new building. You do not want to miss these two beautiful souls as they share their music and connect it with Love and Spirit. You will not be disappointed.

Finding each other later in life these two creative personalities use music & song as a venue for connection and relationship challenges.
“The Affectionate Ordeal” had its debut at the world famous Bluebird Café
in Nashville when Brian surprised Valerie asking her to come up and sing with him. Enjoying connection on stage, he invited Valerie to create a performing duet.
Valerie Childs comes from an accomplished musical family, however she was more drawn to traveling, higher education and outdoor recreation. Taking up the ukulele just prior to meeting Brian, she embraced the 2 new passions. Her innate musical ability and love of the planet makes her his ideal companion on stage.
Brian Hazelbower is an accomplished musician who has recorded two studio albums of catchy original music. The warm timbre of his voice garnered a nomination for a VIMA male vocal of the year award and he's a favourite performing M.C. at the Islands Folk Festival each summer. Brian is also well known for his involvement in “The Nanaimo’s Songwriters Circle” and as a long time music programmer at CHLY 101.7fm Nanaimo's community radio.

The Affectionate Ordeal has gratefully shared their music and loving spirits with audiences from Vancouver Island and down through the southwestern United States.

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"Silent Unity. How may we pray with you?"

The Silent Unity prayer vigil, which has been ongoing since the early 1900s, continues to be staffed 24/7. Team members are holding vigil in their homes.