WEEKLY UPDATE June 14, 2022

Message from the Ministers

Affirmation: I believe I am wonderfully made.

What I believe about myself determines my capacity to grow. I connect with my full, confident expression and engage the circumstances of life with poise and tenacity. I believe in myself as a spiritual expression of infinite intelligence, and I meet every challenge with courage and strength.

As I take this time to quiet my thoughts, I replace any self-doubt with the belief that I am the image and likeness of God, wonderfully made. I believe that I possess all the talents and abilities I need to overcome any limitations. My powerful and joyous contribution to the world’s good is possible because I believe myself to be a conscious agent for beneficial change. I make valuable contributions to the spiritual evolution of humanity. 

Excerpt from Daily Word July 2020 

Unity Williamsburg Spiritual Center offers a

safe and sacred place for study, participation, fellowship,

support, and transformation as we awaken to

the joy of living!

We invite you to join us in 2022!

Unity Williamsburg Spiritual Center is a diverse, open and affirming community that embraces all people regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, ethnicity, age or physical or mental ability - without intent or attempt to convert. 

Upcoming Sunday Services

and Events


June 18 - Celebration of Life Service

                         for Rev. Jan Sloan 11:00 am


June 19 – Father’s Day – Guest Speaker

                         Rev. Richard BunchIs the Omega Point Just A                          Pipedream?


June 21 - Summer Solstice Drumming Circle

                            6:30 – 7:30 pm   


June 26 – The Sound of Sunday

               Board Meeting


In Unity we speak a lot about affirmations. So what is it?

           “The affirmation is not to make a thing true, but to prepare in consciousness the way of releasing what is already an eternal reality in the super consciousness.” Eric Butterworth, You and Your Mind

           “To affirm anything is to assert positively that it is so, even in the face of all contrary evidence.” Emily Cady, Lessons in Truth p. 60

In Heart Center Metaphysics, Rev. Paul Hasselbeck states that there are two uses or purposes for affirmations.

1.     To educate our minds in positive habits and ways of thinking

2.     To bring about Divine Ideas from the unformed to the formed, from the invisible to the visible.

How to create an affirmation – Affirmations are in the present tense, first person, positive realization statements of Truth, repeated silently or audibly with power. To begin an affirmation with I AM is very powerful! Unity’s Daily Word is filled with affirmations!


Our guest speaker this week is Rev. Richard Bunch. Rev. Richard Bunch has been a Unity student since 1996. He has served as Sr. Minister at Unity of El Paso and Unity of Richmond for a total of 20 years, with 10 of those years serving with his wife, Rev. Victoria Bunch as co-minister. Also served on the Unity Eastern Region and Unity Worldwide Ministries Boards as Chair and Treasurer. He continues to teach through Unity Worldwide Ministries. Richard is a sought-after teacher, speaker, workshop facilitator and Unity Consultant.

His Sunday talk - Is the Omega Point a Pipedream?


Pierre Telliard de Chardin wrote "The Phenomenon of Man" which describes how love has been the energy behind evolution. His writing asserts that we are all on a path to "The Omega Point."  Evolution is moving us on a great spiritual journey where we all will eventually live as unconditional love and peace as a society. We will experience "heaven on earth". When we experience the world today, ask yourself, is his proposition mere daydreaming or is it possible?

You don’t want to miss it!

PA: Bob Osmon

Chaplain: Jude Eastman


If you are not able to attend please join us each Sunday at 10:30 AM via Facebook or visit us on YouTube. We’d love to have you be a part of our adventure!


For those who wish to tithe during the service, go to payal.me/unitywilliamsburg.

Mask Mandate Lifted at Unity Williamsburg
Spiritual Center
Our mask mandate is lifted, however, if you still feel comfortable wearing a mask please feel free to do so.

  Prosperity…Something to Think About


“There is no promise of increase unless we give freely, let go of the gift entirely, and recognize the universal scope of the law. Then the gift has a chance to go out and come back multiplied. There is no telling how far the blessing may travel before it comes back, but it is a beautiful and encouraging fact that the longer it is in returning, the more hands it is passing through and the more hearts it is blessing. All these hands and hearts add something to it in substance, and it is increased all the more when it does return.”

Charles Fillmore, Prosperity, p. 143 

Chaplains Corner

Imagination Brings Possibilities to Life

I am always in the presence of possibility that is brought to life through the power of imagination. It is only the imagination that can change the heart of humanity and lift the soul of the world beyond attachments. Our power to embrace possibility is linked to our ability to imagine something other than what is before us. I invite you to find tools among your everyday possessions that remind you to step into the energy of the imagination.  

Full Article  The Power of Imagination Video

Unity Williamsburg Spiritual Center

624 Queens Church Rd., Williamsburg, VA 23185

(757) 594-0389

Join Rev. Denise Creech and musical guest Canda Lambert for our Summer Solstice Drumming Celebration

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year. It is the time of the year when the earth is tilted so that the Northern Hemisphere becomes its closest to the sun, thus marking the start of the warm, summer season.

We will be celebrating this seasonal change with a drum circle. The drum is a universal instrument that echoes the rhythm and tones of our heartbeats—one thing that we all have in common—and that unites us all as members of the human family. Drum circles are a celebration of our oneness.

Bring your own drum(s), or any other rhythm instrument or device that serves the same purpose: 2 sticks, 2 rocks, a bottle of vitamins, etc.

Please arrive about 15 minutes early to prepare for drumming and to begin promptly at 6:30 p.m.

Bridge of Faith

By James Dillet Freeman


I pray, and my prayers are

Like bridges reaching far;

Though the whole world go wrong,

My prayers will keep me strong.


I ask, and listening hear

A still, small voice ring clear;

I knock, and there before

Me see an opening door.


                                         I seek, and seeking find

                                         Truth in my heart and mind –

                                         God, You are one with me,

                                         Now and eternally.


UWSC has started a Building Fund

for church repairs


Due to a wonderful “friend of Unity Williamsburg,” we’re playing the Match Game once again.

All additional gifts for the Building Fund through June 30th will be matched up to $5,000.

Yes, you heard that right! Doubled!

*Where else can you get 100% return on your investment instantly?

Now, let’s have some fun!

When sending money or writing a check, Please make a note that this additional gift is for theBuilding Fund.”

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Come join us for Fellowship following Sunday service.

Message from the Board

This week we celebrate FATHER’S DAY!
Let us honor all the fathers of the past and the fathers of the future that will be born through our children.  May all fathers be at peace and be at one with the FATHER of us all.
Susan Cardozo, Board President.

The next board meeting will be Sunday, June 26th after the service. All are Welcome! 

Board Members for 2022

    President: Susan Cardozo

Vice President: Jane Siegel

Secretary: Ray Whipple

Treasurer: Bob Osmon

Member at Large: Sandra Fetter

Member at Large: Amy Shao

(*To email a board member, click on the their name above.)

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Silent Unity offers a monthly prayer services that can be accessed online in both a written and audio format here. These sacred prayers are used each month by the Unity Prayer Ministry and Unity communities around the globe. We invite you to join us in this sacred practice by including them in your times of prayer and meditation.

We continue our ongoing prayers for Ukraine and Russia. We hold the vision for peace in both countries and for an end to all the violence. We pray that wisdom and compassion fill the hearts of the country’s leaders. We affirm peace and we see it established now!


June 2022

Inner Peace

Immersed in divine peace, all is well with my soul.


All that I need to know flows from within.


The energy of divine zeal lights up my body, mind, and spirit.


God is my good. I live in gratitude

World Peace

I embrace the world with every thought of peace.

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