WEEKLY UPDATE May 23, 2023

Message from the Minister

Affirmation: God guides me through open doors to greater good.

Open doors are my opportunities to learn, grow, and improve. They lead me to corridors of life where I receive and contribute gifts of inspiration, talent, and physical substance. Open doors are part of the divine order in my life.

I have often heard the saying, “When one door closes, another one opens.” Yet instead of waiting for another door of opportunity to open as in this analogy, might I actually find that a closing door is responding to the powerful draft from a door that has already opened? I expect doors of opportunity to be swinging on their hinges with the momentum of the powerful action of God’s good.


God leads me to and guides me through open doors to greater, more abundant good.

May 2007 Daily Word

Unity Williamsburg Spiritual Center offers a

safe and sacred place for study, participation, fellowship,

support, and transformation as we awaken to

the joy of living!

We invite you to join us in 2023!

Unity Williamsburg Spiritual Center is a diverse, open and affirming community that embraces all people regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, creed, ethnicity, age or physical or mental ability - without intent or attempt to convert. 

May Calendar of Events


Sunday, May 21             

     Rev. Denise Creech

Sunday, May 28              

    Rev. Denise Creech


This Sunday, Rev. Denise complete the book by Greg Braden Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer. St. Francis of Assisi described the mystery and power that lives within every man, woman, and child born into this world as “There are beautiful and wild forces within us.”


Platform Assistant         Jude Eastman

Chaplain                         Amy Shao

Greeter                            Sharon Calano

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Come join us for our fellowship following church service.

You can bring your favorite dish to share.

Mask Mandate Lifted at Unity Williamsburg
Spiritual Center
Our mask mandate is lifted, however, if you still feel comfortable wearing a mask please feel free to do so.

Chaplains Corner


Strength is not simply a physical quality. As with all the 12 powers, it expresses itself on three levels, each one complementing the others in this life expression on the earth plane.

In the physical realm, strength is vitality, endurance, the ability to persist. In the mental area of expression, strength is that quality of mind which enables one to lead, to accomplish, to follow through on decisions, to establish purposes in life, and to hold firm to spiritual principles in daily living. It expresses itself as stability of character.

Affirmation: I have the strength to accomplish all that is mine to do.

Be A Center of Love

Eric Butterworth


When the world around you is in turmoil, you may be confused as to where you should stand. It is important to know that you need not become trapped in divisiveness. 


The world needs the radiation of your love; but don’t delude yourself that the world needs your religion. Don’t become a proselytizer, a missionary zealot for Truth. There is a better way. Be a “meta-missionary,” dealing with seeing things or people right instead of the misguided effort to set them right.


Certainly, the message is universally needed. But as far as you are concerned the great need is to change your consciousness, dissolve your prejudices, and heal your fears. The Truth is for you! It is a practical process by which you can achieve an effective life and at the same time become an effective instrument of love and harmony. 


You can become a center of love. Enough centers of love around the world will build bridges of communication and peace. Love is the answer. 


Excerpt from Celebrate Yourself by Eric Butterworth

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Message from the Board

The next Board meeting Sunday, June 18, 2023. All are welcome to attend.

  Do you have a talent, something you love to do?

 Come share it with Unity Williamsburg SC.

    Gardening?  Call Marge and Richard Tate. They volunteer and are doing a great job but could use some volunteers to help. 

    Do you like to have parties? We have one every Sunday in Rev. Jan’s Fellowship Hall. Volunteers are needed to help Sandy Fetter to help keep the parties going.

    Do you sing?  Let’s start a choir.

Let us honor the creativeness of the God within each of us, VOLUNTEER❣️  

  With Love and Blessings,
    Susan Cardozo, President


    President: Susan Cardozo

Vice President: Jane Siegel

Secretary: Ray Whipple

Treasurer: Johan Wagner

Member at Large: Sandra Fetter

Member at Large: Amy Shao

Member at Large: Lynda Birckhead

Minister: Rev. Denise Creech

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Silent Unity offers monthly prayer services that can be accessed online in both a written and audio format here. These sacred prayers are used each month by the Unity Prayer Ministry and Unity communities around the globe. We invite you to join us in this sacred practice by including them in your times of prayer and meditation.

At this time of the ongoing emergency between Ukraine and Russia, we call ourselves into God consciousness speaking words of peace, harmony, strength, and love.

Affirmations for May

Inner Peace

Centered in God, I am secure and peaceful.


Within the silence of prayer, I gain a clear sense of direction.


By the power of divine life, I thrive.


I welcome every blessing in a spirit of gratitude and generosity.


My eye can see the beautiful potential within and all around me.

Unity Williamsburg Spiritual Center wishes all of you born this month, a birthday filled with love, laughter, joy and peace!!

An angel is light and joy.

An angel is compassion

and caring.

An angel is giving and sharing.

An angel is forgiving.

An angel is love.

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Calling All Angels

Volunteers Needed

On Saturday, June 3 at 1 pm volunteers are needed to clean out and organize the shed. Lin Pearson will be overseeing this project and she would be grateful for your help. Thank You, Angels, for coming together to give help to Lin.

Blessings, Rev. Denise


When the potential of inclement weather heads our way we want to let you know how to stay informed of potential impacts to our Sunday Services. If Sunday Services will be cancelled, we will share that information by 8 AM on Sunday on our Facebook page and in an email to all those who receive our weekly newsletter. If you know of congregation members who attend in person services but do not have internet access, please let us know so that we can arrange an alternate way to contact them directly.

2 Corinthians 9:7

Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

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