WEEKLY UPDATE September 12, 2023

When you start thinking about what you want (that’s called intention), as you ask yourself the “what if” question, the frontal lobe in your brain turns on. It begins to call up networks of neurons from past experiences as well as what you’ve learned intellectually, and it pieces them together to create a new idea. 

If you can begin to combine that clear intention with an elevated emotion—in other words, you begin to experience the joy or the gratitude or the enthusiasm of that experience—then you’re teaching your body emotionally what that future could feel like. Your body doesn’t know the difference between having the actual experience that creates an emotion and an emotion that you fabricate by thought alone. So your body begins to live in that future reality in the present moment.

So just by thinking differently, you begin to change your brain. And just by feeling differently, you begin to change your body. When you combine how you think and how you feel, you create a state of being. It turns out that the quantum field primarily responds to who we’re being. 

...(T)hat doesn’t mean you sit on your couch and wait for abundance to show up. If you’re defining yourself by a vision of the future, you have to make choices consistent with that future. So you have to take some steps toward your destiny. Most people wait for their wealth to arrive before they feel abundant or for their new relationship to happen before they feel love. That’s the old model of the reality of cause and effect. That’s when we wait for something outside of us to change how we feel inside of us.

What we’re teaching people to do now is to be defined by something that exists as a possibility, emotionally embrace that future, and then move into a new state of being through meditation. That’s causing an effect. They have to be willing to give up control over how or when it’s going to happen and allow a greater intelligence to begin creating synchronicities and serendipities equal to their creation. When you see that it works, you’ll keep doing it. That’s human empowerment, and I think every person has the divine right to live that way. 

Excerpt from Listening in With … Joe Dispenza

By Katy Koontz

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September Calendar of Events

Thursday, September 14

World Day of Prayer

7:00 - 9:00 pm

Sunday, September 17

Susan Latner, Guest Speaker

Tuesday, September 19

The Sound of Soul,

with Michael George

7:00 - 8:00 pm

Saturday, September 23

Fall Equinox Drumming Circle

11 AM - 12 Noon

Sunday, September 24

Kalunyahawi Traveler, Guest Speaker

This Sunday Susan Latner will be our guest speaker sharing her message, Our Past Lives. She explains, "Our Past Lives are as important as our current life because they instigated issues yet to be resolved." Join us as Susan delves into the wisdom contained within our own hidden universe.

Platform Assistant: Bob Osmon

Chaplain: Susan Cardozo

Greeters: Margie & Richard Tate

Openers/Closers: Amy & Christopher Shao

For those who wish to tithe during the service, go to paypal.me/unitywilliamsburg.

About Our Speaker...

Susan Latner studied the Esoteric Sciences with world-renowned authority, educator, and author Eileen Connolly Ph.D. Susan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and furthered her studies by attaining a second degree in Esoteric Studies from Connolly University.


Susan’s passion is teaching all aspects of esoteric wisdom and opening up new avenues to potential success for her students. Susan teaches classes in Past Life Regression, Tarot, and Numerology. 

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Chaplains Corner


Unforgiveness keeps me bound to the past. Ruminating over old hurts trap me in a state of bitterness & make my life feel small & cold.

I am ready to live a full & vibrant life. I make the first step by releasing my resentments in prayer.     

Affirm: I forgive and put the past behind me.

May I be blessed

As I walk upon my path.

May I never feel alone,

Or lost,

Or defeated.

May I learn the strength of

my heart,

the wisdom of my spirit,

the immortality of my soul.


By K. Genet

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Message from the Board

Next Board Meeting will be September 17th.

On Thursday, September 14 at 7 PM we will open our doors and our hearts to the World Day of Prayer Service. Many spiritual leaders will join us to share their wisdom, ideas and their love. How fortunate we are to be surrounded by Universal Ideas!

We bless all those who have come to share with us, and we bless all those who will be there to receive the energy of the prayers. We truly are ONE.

Blessings from all of us,

Susan Cardozo, President

Jane Siegel, Vice President

Jude Eastman, Secretary

Johan Wagner, Treasurer

Sandra Fetter, Member at Large

Amy Shao, Member at Large

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