Voices in Unity
January  2021

Last Month at  
Unity of Eau Claire!!! 

Luginbill family sharing their gift of music on Christmas Eve.
Dale and Andy from Audio Architects getting the sound system updated.

Bonnie playing her bells at the worship service for special music.  

Rev. Sandra McKinney sharing her Christmas 
message and leading the sing along silent night!
About Us

Sunday Service: 10:00am
Zoom and Facebook Live Stream Only

1808 Folsom Street
Eau Claire, WI 54703
(715) 836-0010

General Email:

Timothy Haukeness
Administrative Coordinator
Office Hours (Subject to Change)
Mon-Thurs: 9:00am - 3:30pm

Silent Unity Dial A Prayer:
24-Hour Prayer Vigil

Unity Village, MO
Unity.fm (online Unity radio)
Board of Trustees

Sue Carlson, 

Eileen Potocnik, 

Steve Friede, 

Jacquie Staebell, Secretary

Rob Harrington, 

Elizabeth Jacobs,

From the President of the Board of Trustees

Thank you members and friends who have generously donated your time, talents and treasures for the benefit of Unity of Eau Claire in 2020. We have faced a year of many changes, challenges and blessings. Our love for each other and for our beloved Unity has triumphed. The ability of our community to stay connected through it all is commendable. I thank the members of our Board of Trustees, our Administrative Coordinator, all the Team Leaders and all members who have served on teams and volunteered. Thank you all who have participated in classes, fundraisers, events, and worship services. We have not allowed this pandemic to stop us from moving forward, living our Unity Principles.

The Interview Team has met 3 times now and a 4th meeting will be happening just about the time you read this!  We are continuing with the extensive work that the Ministerial Recruit Team has done to prepare Unity of Eau Claire for a new minister.  We had a general discussion regarding the need for a new minister to meet the changing spiritual needs of our current membership and the community in general.  We also discussed the idea that if we hope to expand our ministry to more members and specifically to populations that are currently "missing" in our ranks, what could draw those "missing" populations in and what are some potential ways our ministry could best serve them.  We had a productive conversation about potential interview questions that could help us learn more in depth information about who our candidates are.

You may not be aware, but the board follows Unity principles by tithing your giving each quarter. In the forth quarter the Board of Trustees gave three tithes out into the community. The tithes went to Feed My People, Family Promise and to the Eau Claire School District for the coats for the homeless kids. Each organization got $465.00 to help families in the community.  Doesn't it feel good to make a difference!
Sunday Talk Titles

For the month of January our services will be live at the Unity of Eau Claire, with a limited worship team We are also having Facebook Live streaming through our Facebook page. The service will also be streaming on Zoom. Check "This week at Unity" for more information, if you are not getting this information email unityeauclaire@gmail.com
01/03   10am 
 Rev. Scott Daniels  
  Worship Leader: Howie Nelsen
 Special Music: Christine Fink

  White Stone Ceremony

  Birthday Sunday   

01/10   10am 
 Rev. Sandra McKinney
          Worship Leader: Mari Jackson 
          Special Music: Peter Phippen and Victoria Shoemaker
01/17   10am      
  Lou Longmire
   Worship Leader: Timothy Haukeness
  Special Music: Therese Schutte

01/24   10am
                                    Lou Longmire
                                    Worship Leader: Sandi Anderson
           Special Music: Fred Hable                              
01/31  10am
           Rev. Sandra McKinney
                                   "CONNECTING THE DOTS" 
                                    Worship Leader: Mari Jackson
                                    Special Music: TBD
                                     Burning Bowl 

If you need to help set up Facebook, Zoom meeting or Facebook Live Stream, call Timothy at 715-533-3260.
Ongoing Classes & Events
All events receive a love offering unless otherwise noted. Group/class dates can change, please watch for notices. 

9:30-10:45am         Yoga
with Kathy Boone (on hold)

10:00-1:30am          Book of Love and Forgiveness  (Weekly Zoom Book Study)
7:30-8:30pm            S.A. 12-Step (on hold)

10:30am to noon    Wednesday Coffee Talk (Zoom) (See login info below)
4:45-6:45pm            Board of Trustee Meeting (01/13/2021)
6:00-8:00pm            Interview Team (Zoom) (01/06/2021)

9:30-10:45am           Yoga with Kathy Boone (on hold)

1:00-3:00pm             Agenda Setting Meeting (01/08/2021) (Zoom)
7:00-8:30pm             Power of Now (Zoom)

10:00-11:00am         Sunday Service (Zoom and Facebook Live with limited worship team)
11:15am                    Annual Meeting (01/17/2021)

Children's programs and childcare are cancelled at this time for the safety of the child.

Updates of worship details will be in This Week at Unity to be added to the list, email 

for the annual meeting after the service on 
Sunday January 17, 2021.

Part of the agenda is celebrating the last year, approve to the 2021 budget, vote in the new board members and address concerns of the members.  
The Board of Trustees voted to keep the building closed through January.  The state rating for Eau Claire County COVID-19 Activity Level is 'Very High' with no significant change in trajectory. We, Unity, have been careful to keep our members safe and healthy and will continue on this path. The Sunday team is doing a great job providing us with virtual services. (Tip: Sue suggests, for those of you who are having a difficult time with your audio during services I would suggest trying an alternate device. The audio is very quiet with my laptop but with using my new tablet I get great audio sound with Facebook live streaming.) Other ways we are staying connected are through our Prayer Partners making calls to all members who wish to receive them and two separate opportunities each week to connect with each other during Zoom Chats; Wednesday and Sunday mornings. If anyone has other ways we can all stay connected, contact either Timothy or any Board member. On Sunday, January 17th we are having our annual meeting following service. Please plan on attending via Zoom. An Agenda for the meeting will be sent out via email (snail mail to those without email) prior to January 17th. 

Below are the three new board members. We are blessed to have them service us the next few years. 

How to connect with this wonderful community with zoom? Join the Wednesday morning coffee talk (see below) or join in before and after the worship service on Zoom for community connection. 

Is Automatic Giving for you?
Unity of Eau Claire is pleased to offer you this option for Automatic Giving. Now you can have your gift deducted automatically from your checking or savings account, twice per month, on the 10th and 24th. Your ongoing support is deeply appreciated.  
Benefits of the Automatic Giving:
  • Saves time - fewer checks to write
  • Ensures regular financial support to Unity Christ Center - even if you're on vacation or out of town.
  • Easy to sign up for, easy to cancel.
All you have to do is click the link below, print the form and drop it off at the office. Forms will be available in the back of the church also. 

Unity of Eau Claire is looking for suggestions to add a new tag line. Our old tagline is Unity Christ Center: "An Accepting Spiritual Community". One suggestion is Unity of Eau Claire "A Positive Path for Spiritual Living". What is yours? Please email your suggestion to Timothy at

You are invited to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Wednesday Coffee Talk
Host: Jeannine Colburn 
Time: 10:30 AM Wednesdays
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 845 9528 8507
Passcode: 553433

The Power for January is "FATIH"

Believe, trust, and allow your faith to grow 

Affirmation: Faith blesses my day and paves my way.

Faith: The ability to believe, intuit, and perceive.

The disciple Peter represents faith in things spiritual, faith in God.

The corresponding color is royal blue, and the location is the base of the brain.

Eric Schansberg memorial has been started at Unity of Eau Claire to replace our music and microphone stands. Please mail your contribution to Unity of Eau Claire % Eric Fund 1808 Folsom Street Eau Claire, WI 54703. Name plates will be made on the the new equipment in Eric's honor. Thanks

Because our Guest Musicians are so integral to our service, we are asking members to become a SPONSOR of their favorite one(s) by donating a stipend. They already receive from Unity of Eau Claire $25 special music fee. Sponsors would reimburse musicians with cash or a personal check.  Questions:  email Jacquie at dphandy@yahoo.com

1) Looking for a "wardrobe" type cabinet for the children's toys. The size of the space is 6 feet wide and 6-7 feet high.
The goal is to make sure the toys stay clean and it will help the meeting room to be more generic looking for groups and weddings.
2) Sue is looking for used jewelry (even if not in good shape or broken) to re-purpose or sell, with proceeds going to the general fund. Drop off in the office in a package marked 'Sue Carlson' thanks. 
The Prayer Team is available when you have a request!

Do not be afraid to reach out for support. Call the office at 715-836-0010 or Timothy's cellular phone 715-533-3260 if you have an immediate need. Also, send us an email prayer request at unityeauclairepray@gmail.com. Remember

Unity Gift & Book Store
Bookstore closed at this time.

Unique gifts can be found in our Gift & Bookstore.
Used books for purchase are located on the bookshelves in the foyer.

Come check us out.
          • Books by Unity based authors and others
          • Gifts for all occasions
          • Jewelry designed and crafted locally
          • Used books for a nominal cost
Thanks you for your purchases and your donations of used books.
All sales help to support the monetary needs of Unity of Eau Claire.

Unity Serving Locally & Globally

Unity Living Vision #4: We envision our innate desire to give to the larger community by living Unity principles through loving service.


"A grassroots organization, comprised primarily of diverse faith communities, seeks to bring people in the Chippewa Valley into relationships and empower one another to build a healthier and fairer community for us all."
Unity's liaisons to JONAH is  Larry Metzenbauer and Dean Schmitz 
For more information on how to get involved with JONAH, contact 
Larry at  kingdomnow2@charter.net715-382-3414 
Dean at  prism1976@hotmail.com or 715-514-3363
Like JONAH on Facebook and check out the website for JONAH events at www.jonahjustice.org.

Community Table

We serve our community by volunteering our time and contributions to the Community Table.

The following dates are when Unity of Eau Claire will be serving at the Community Table. Please join us. Sign up sheet will be available weeks before we are serving.  
Time of volunteering is 9:30 am to 2:00pm on the following Saturdays,
2021 Dates will be posted shortly. 

Unity's liaison to Community Table is Howie Nelsen at 715-833-9729 or howien27@gmail.com. Visit thecommunitytable.org for more information.