April 2020

Happy April! Since we  just sent out an update on  how  the  Unityverse  is coping with   the C OVID-19  situation we are going to focus our Newsletter on the Joys of Spring and  stay focused on the joyful  side of what is taking place  in  the  Unityverse .  If you did not read our C OVID -19 update sent out  earlier this week  and would like to  check it  out   please  click here.  
Serviceberry blooms
Spring magnolias are in full bloom and redbuds are showing their beautiful magenta flowers together with the delicate white flowers of the Serviceberry trees along the woodland edges. You can find them all at the Unity Church Hill Nursery where we have over  3 00 trees in stock , many of them native Receive $25 off each native tree you purchase through the Marylanders Plant Trees Program. The shrub and  perennial  selections  are equally extensive  as we continue expanding our inventory with  new additions.   Please check out the link to our  current availability  in the top right corner of our website  to find all the plants your garden  wants you to  add for diversity.   
More than ever  before  t he Unity team encourages  you to take advantage of our discounted delivery services along with our professional installation .    
Please  also  take advantage of  our  "THE ANSWER IS YES"   program  to  make your special requests . Please  contact us through our website, email ing  or calling in to the  Unity team.  If you don't see it on our  availability  or at the nursery when you  visit ,  please as k.  
Our Nursery production team has been very busy  growing up   a wide  range  of your favorite native trees, shrubs f erns  and  p erennials along with a wide  selection of improved varieties .   Please check out the grow list  at this link to browse the list of what is coming around the corner .  
The shade structures in our retail-demo garden area 
completed with the new hardscape demo-installation and  the shade plants are  in place in their renovated home. The  connecting pathways will be installed next using  various  natural stone   applications  to stimulate  ideas for your garden  paths and terraces.    
The pottery selection is as diverse a s it has ever been  including clay  pots, concrete, fiber cement, and high - quality Poly pots  as well.  If you are seeking a specific look call in and we will take photos and dimensions of  what we have in stock  and send them  directly.     
The  t eak furniture selection continue s  to expand  along  with  a diverse selection of   g ranite and ornamental concrete  benches .  W e are well stocked ,  so please reach out to  our furniture specialist and Manager of the  Unityverse Chris Sade ,   and he  will be happy to accommodate  your  requests.  
The Unity Landscape Design/Build team is out performing  many Spring cleanups a nd garden openings for the  season along with some very exciting projects on the  schedule including  two  current  large L iving Shoreline installatio ns  in Kent County,  two extensive p ool coping and  terrace  renovations in Kent and Queen  Anne ' s  County,  a g arden renovation project in Talbot  County,  irrigation system renovations , low voltage lighting system installs ,  and a   f ruit  o rchard planting as well.  The sales  and design team  is  the most diverse we have had in the years Unity has been in business so reach out to Lucas Lees (Marine Biologist, Environmental Sales and Design),  Chris  Schoenster  ( Landscape Architecture , MLA, Environmental Sales and Design)  or Michael Jensen (President, Sales and Design)  to  review your current or upcoming project s.  
Artichoke plants with baby praying mantis hatching out in the background.

Here at Unity Church Hill Farm, fresh greens such as mesclun and arugula are now being harvested from our high tunnels. French breakfast radishes, lettuce mix, and spinach won't be far behind. Our produce is available for sale directly from the farm and at the Chestertown Natural FoodsThe list of current availability is online here. To order, please download and email back the completed excel sheet from our website, and I will follow up with a phone call confirmation and will take payment by credit card. We'll then pack it up and have it labeled and ready for you to pick up at your requested pick-up day and time from our Farmstand Fridge out front. Thank you for your patience as we implement this new system of selling our produce.

We have been seeding and potting up herb and vegetable transplantsto have ready for you to plant in your own home gardens. This year, all of our plants in 4" containers are growing in peat pots which can be planted directly into the soil to reduce the amount of plastic. O ur  list of what we are growing and when it will be  ready is now up at the top right corner of our website
We are  prepping beds  and planting out in our fields s ugar snap shell and snow peas, red torpedo onions,  lacinato  and curly kales, rainbow and ruby red swiss chard, red, golden and  chioggia  beets,  satina , purple  viking , red  norland  and  adirondack  blue potatoes, scallions, head lettuce, radish, spinach, and more .   Soon tomatoes and cucumbers will be planted in our high tunnels for an early crop.  It is great to have our hands back in the soil and exciting to think of  all of  the fresh produce that we will be harvesting this coming season.  

We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you soon.
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