December 2020

Unity Landscape Design/Build

The Unity Landscape Design/Build team is humming along with fall cleanups nearing completion, irrigations systems shut down for the winter and low voltage lighting systems taking center stage with the short days upon us.  

Low voltage lighting is a fantastic way to highlight the many delights the fall and winter landscape provides. If you look out your window at night with no lights outside, you are looking at a black wall. Just lighting one tree or small outdoor element removes the wall and extends your indoor spaces into the outdoor spaces, and the difference is amazing. Tree branch structures are an important design element in the landscape, and they are best appreciated at night with a soft illumination to highlight the branching structure along with the colors and textures of the tree bark. The possibilities are limitless, and with low voltage lighting, it is very easy to fine tune, add and modify your system as the landscape evolves.  

I am excited to announce our newest Unity team member, Dustin Johnson, who is heading the low voltage lighting and irrigation services division for Unity. Dustin has an extensive background installing, maintaining, and servicing low voltage lighting and irrigation systems of all makes and manufactures in both residential and commercial applications. With this broad experience, Dustin has been able to identify the highest quality systems that will perform well into the future. He has seamlessly integrated with the Unity team and has hit the ground running. Dustin is now taking reservations for low voltage lighting demonstrations so please contact the Unity office to set up an appointment or share this with your friends who might be interested.

Early in November, the Unity Landscape Design/Build team designed and installed a beautiful native garden to enhance the front of Sumner Hall located at 206 S. Queen Street in Chestertown. Our Unity Landscape Design/Build company donated the labor and materials to install the garden. 
ShoreRivers purchased the native plant material from Unity Church Hill Nursery and donated the plant material for the installation. Sumner Hall is one of two existing African American G.A.R buildings still standing in the United States and was built in 1908. There was a need for an enhancement to the garden space in the front of the building, and this project aligned perfectly with our companies. We are "Unity". The history of the Charles Sumner Hall is important for all to know and experience. Learn more here.

In 2021, I will continue developing the Unity demonstration gardens on our farm with a determined plan to complete the Sacred Geometry entertainment and reflection space to host safe outdoor events for the community. Keep your eyes and ears alert for updates. Please feel free to ask the Unity team for an update when you are next visiting the nursery.

Michael Jensen, President
Unity Landscape Design/Build, Inc.

Unity Church Hill Nursery

We hope all of you had a comfortable and delicious Thanksgiving. In the spirit of giving thanks, we would like to show our appreciation for such a supportive community by implementing a Unity Church Hill Nursery Customer Loyalty Program, so please stay tuned for details.

With the holidays, so also comes the season of gift-giving. As you are looking for something for that special someone, please keep us in mind. We offer gift certificates, garden tools and accessories such as planters, statuary, bird baths and more. We've taken the hint from Mother Nature that cold weather is on its way and have started the process of moving our retail perennials, ferns, grasses, and shrubs inside our front hoop house to protect them from severe winter weather. We are excited to have this additional retail space available this winter. Most of our plants may be inside, but they are still accessible, so please stop by, explore the nursery, walk through our hoop houses, or as we like to call them "covered classrooms", and learn about native plants here at Unity. (We are open now and through the winter Mon-Fri 8am-5pm). Just be careful... you might end up leaving with some homework.

While you are here, be sure to check out the red twig dogwoods and winterberry hollies, plants that really shine this time of year. The red twig dogwood has bright red branches that contrast nicely against evergreens, native grass backgrounds, or newly fallen snow. The winterberry hollies are deciduous shrubs that reveal their vibrant, colorful berries this time of year and brighten up your winter landscape while also providing food for birds. You may have seen them filled with bright red berries and reaching 6-8 ft tall but did you know that some varieties have yellow, yellowish-orange, or bright orange berries and some are dwarf--only reaching 3-4 ft tall. We had fun growing some of these new varieties ourselves this year.

We are excited to officially introduce Hannah Jensen as our Assistant Nursery Manager. You may have met Hannah this spring or summer when she stepped in and helped when we most needed it during the rush of the Spring planting season and again this summer. Hannah has experience in retail and customer service and with her can-do attitude, she is a great addition to our Unity Team.

We are also happy to announce a new development at the Unity Farm: Sarah Appel, who we introduced last month as our part time food production helper has now joined us as our full time food production manager. We love Sarah's enthusiasm and her desire to farm in a way that matches our own philosophy. I am glad to be able to pass along some of what I have learned over the years with Sarah. 
planting garlic
She has already tackled the fall task of planting garlic for 2021. Next on the list is taking soil samples. We do this every couple of years to check the nutrient content of our soils and find out what nutrients are needed to achieve the right balance for healthy soil life. Based on the soil test results, we will then amend our soils before planting in the Spring with natural mineral and organically derived fertilizers. With Sarah on board, we are looking forward to a bountiful 2021.

Theresa Mycek, Plant Production Manager
Unity Church Hill Nursery
HOURS: Monday-Friday 8-5
Saturdays & Sundays Closed
Closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day