November 2021
Unity Landscape Design/Build

The Fall season is in high gear at Unity. The Unity Landscape Design/Build team has been busy with several projects including many residential and commercial plantings, a meadow planting, lawn aeration and overseeding, as well as continued progress on the Deal Island beach restoration project. 
Last week a large community park enhancement planting was completed at the Lake Street Park and Playground in Salisbury, Maryland. This was a collaborative project between the City of Salisbury, Eastern Shore Natural Gas, Salisbury Public Works, and Unity Landscape. A beautiful variety of trees were planted, including Willow Oaks, Redbuds, and Pawpaw trees. The maintenance of newly planted trees is vital. ShoreRivers has established a new volunteer program to train individuals with the skills needed for proper tree care practices. To become a ShoreRivers Tree Steward, contact Community Engagement Coordinator Amy Narimatsu at
It is hard to believe, but with the month of November upon us, fall maintenance/cleanups as well as irrigation shutdowns are already on the schedule. As the days are getting shorter, our lighting team will be busy installing and upgrading lighting systems. Stay tuned for updates as we venture through the beautiful Fall season.  
Sandy Appel, Office Manager
Lucas Lees, Coastal and Environmental Design 

Unity Church Hill Nursery
Here at Unity Church Hill Nursery, October finished with a flurry of activity as customers purchased perennials, shrubs and trees for their fall planting projects. We still have a wide variety of plants available including a nice selection to provide interest to your winter landscape such as camellias, red-twig dogwoods, winterberry hollies, and Aronia arbutifolia ‘Brilliantissima.’ We currently have an end-of-season red-tag sale going on throughout the nursery on a variety of plant material and pottery, so please stop in to take advantage of these deals. Please keep in mind we are no longer open on Sundays, and we will continue to be open on Saturdays through November 20th.

It is garlic planting time here at the Unity Farm. From Halloween up through the middle of November is a great time to plant garlic in our area. Each year we set aside a portion of our garlic harvest to replant in the fall. We grow 5 varieties of hardneck garlic, and I’ve been saving and growing one variety that I call Keith’s Italian Rocambole since 2005, first at Colchester Farm and now here at Unity. It was the signature crop at Keith’s Farm where I apprenticed in 2004. Keith grew only this variety which he said a friend originally had brought to him from Italy. 
With the cooler weather, much of our harvesting has now shifted to crops we have growing in our high tunnels. We are currently harvesting a variety of fall greens such as spinach, lettuce, arugula, mustard and Asian greens, and kale, plus radishes, cilantro, and herbs. This past summer, we constructed a new high tunnel, and it is now operational. We just planted it with spinach, one of our more popular crops, which we are hoping to harvest through the winter. You can buy our produce here at our Nursery farm stand, at Chestertown Natural Foods, and at the Chestertown Farmers’ Market at least through November 20th. We’ll let you know whether we have enough produce available to continue attending the market through December, so please stay tuned.

Theresa Mycek
Plant Production Manager
Unity Church Hill Nursery
HOURS: Monday-Friday 8-5, Saturdays 8-4