October 2021
Unity Church Hill Nursery
HAPPY FALL! Hopefully, you’ve been getting to enjoy some time outside in this beautiful weather. It seems like the frogs have been here at the nursery. We see them sunbathing on the edges of fountains, hanging out in shrubs, and even on mums. Walking through the nursery, you often see a little flash of movement as one hops out of your way or hear a little sploosh as they dive into a fountain for cover. Incorporating bird baths, fountains, or other water feature into your garden helps encourage more wildlife like frogs and birds and even turtles to make your yard their homes, and they make your yard more inviting to you as well! If you have space for a fountain, we have a nice variety of fountains and bird baths located throughout the nursery. Come take a stroll in this beautiful weather and take a look.
While you are here, please say hello to Katie Buehl and Katie Marzerka (pictured to the left), two new members of our nursery team. They are joining Hannah in her new role as Nursery Manager and make a great team. Last month, we had just announced that Hannah was transitioning to the Landscape Team, but in this dynamic world, you need to be flexible, and we are grateful to Hannah for stepping up to the role. You also may spot Noreen, a WWOOFer or a volunteer through the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms movement, who will be helping us out on the farm for a couple of weeks.

On her first day, Noreen helped us cover our new high tunnel that we are hoping to plant out soon so we can have even more produce to offer through the winter. You may be able to tell from the photo that we still have a little work to do to amend the soil and prepare the beds. From our outside garden beds, we are currently harvesting delicious fall salad greens along with radishes, baby bok choy, and kale. Coming soon are sweet potatoes, watermelon radishes and broccoli rabe!

Come say hello at the Chestertown Farmers’ Market on Saturdays from 8 to noon. In addition to our produce, we also bring a small selection of our Unity-grown herb plants, perennials and shrubs.

Theresa Mycek
Plant Production Manager
Unity Church Hill Nursery
Unity Landscape Design/Build

Unity Landscape recently completed a large planting enhancement for the Prospect Bay Golf Course and Community in Prospect Bay Queenstown. The crew had a variety of plantings to implement, from entrance landscape bed enhancements to large 3” caliper tree installations. The crew started with the tree installations on holes 7,8 and 11 of the golf course. Crews used light machinery to auger the large diameter holes for the fairway trees that were installed, and manually installed all the shrubs and perennials in the respective landscape and restoration areas. A large portion of the planting included supplementing an existing vegetated swale with plant material more suitable for the extended periods of standing water that are often left in the swales after a significant rain event. The native, wetland plant material will help to absorb more of the stormwater, as well as help slow it down as it moves through the swale, preventing the scour of the sides of the practice. These tree installations and stormwater BMP plant additions will help mitigate the copious amounts of nutrient rich runoff often associated with golf course management.

Lucas Lees, Coastal and Environmental Design
Unity Landscape Design/Build
HOURS: Monday-Friday 8-5, Saturdays 8-4, Sundays 10-2