Unity Community - 

Good morning.  Amidst this most unique of times the team at Unity is keeping our heads up and spirits high as we navigate this unknown territory.  I wish the same for all of our community.

Unity Church Hill Nursery, Unity Church Hill Farm, and Unity Landscape Design/Build will remain OPEN as we are designated  "Essential Businesses".  

After reading Governor Larry Hogan's updated "ORDER OF THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND" (20-03-30-01) we reached out to the Maryland Attorneys office for clarity. This morning we received a call back stating  that we remain "Essential Businesses" and Unity Church Hill Nursery, Unity Church Hill Farm and Unity Landscape Design/Build continue to remain open for business.   
That being said we are continuing to implement optimal safe operating procedures in the Unityverse.

- Main Office building, Gallery and Showroom are closed to the public and customers can call ahead or come to the front door and a team member will greet you outside of the building while strictly adhering to "Social distancing" guidelines

- In-house staffing has been minimized significantly (so please be patient)

- We strongly encourage shopping by phone/email and taking advantage of our reduced delivery rates along with our "The Answer is Yes" program for custom ordering, delivery and installation

- We request all visitors to our facility respectfully adhere to social distancing guidelines in consideration of our fellow visitors and the dedicated Unity team

- No paper, pens, credit cards or cash will exchange hands. Credit cards will be manually typed in to our secure system to adhere to social distancing guidelines and remove the need for items changing hands
In keeping spirits high I encourage everyone to find healing in the garden no matter how small or large your garden may be. Admire and smell the Spring flowers coming to life, listen to the Spring peepers and the birds' songs, put your hands into the soil and connect with the earth.

We will send out our April Monthly Newsletter tomorrow with highlights of all that is taking place in the Unityverse.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Michael Jensen, President
HOURS: Monday-Friday 8-5
    Saturday 8-4 
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