Saturday, March 9, 2019

The modern economy gives us many reasons to consider a universal basic income. One US Presidential candidate has made it his tentpole policy for 2020.

Are Trudeau's stunning missteps magnified by an environment of social justice he vigorously ushered in?

A black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu explains how the complexities of fighting are largely misunderstood and can make you a better man.

What happens when the quality of scholarship and diversity of ideas in schools of education are so dismal?

China's restraint is fading as it brazenly uses cyber attacks and other tools to interfere with the autonomy of Western countries.

A former police officer and expert on Sweden's migration explosion explains how the collision of cultures has been difficult for everyone.

A trans man describes his journey from biological female and urges those considering transitioning to be cautious.

A professor of international security and strategy argues that the movement to decolonize the curriculum is more dangerous than ever.

The gender gap in STEM is only a big problem if we rely on false categorization and gerrymandered statistics.
" [UBI] is not a silver bullet. But what I like most about Andrew Yang and his presidential campaign is that he is approaching modern problems with modern solutions while other candidates either grasp onto an idealized past or dredge up historical grievance. He breaks through the capitalism/socialism paradigm with ideas that could be placed on either side of the aisle, bolstering entrepreneurialism and economic development while also offering aid and support to those who have been caught in the tailwind of the market. "

Headline Rhymes
Views on the news, delivered so smooth.

They once pushed a kid to a sex change
It was kind of insane in the membrane

The politics were heady
But the kid wasn't ready

It was the ultimate body shame game

Quillette Podcast - E  pisode 20

Danish author Kay Xander Mellish on Denmark's gender politics and difficult culture of sexual violence.
More this Week

The former dean of Harvard Medical School argues that the university must stand up firmly for one of their own.

The Trump administration has announced a global initiative to abolish same-sex relationship criminality. Amidst our polarized politics, it has landed with a thud.


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