February 2020
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Are your compression patients "refilling" their orders as frequently as they should?
Do you consider Compression a candidate for "resupply" ?
This week in HME Business, editor David Kopf shared, " The compression market offers lots of potential, and it’s one in which DME pharmacies can easily tap into."

Finding a fresh "clear market opportunity" is rare these days and turning compression into a profit center for your business may be easier than you think with existing HDMS integrations.

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1st Week Effective
A new staffer's greatest asset is time, which makes the burden of training even higher on your existing staff.

Join us as we identify screens in HDMS that require low professional judgement in every department, so that you can make all of your new hires 1st Week Effective!

Thursday, Feb 20th @ 3 PM EST
CMS 484 style prescriptions have all expired as of 02/01/2020, but don't worry- you didn't miss anything.

MAC's indicate claims WILL NOT REJECT, and for Providers to continue using the existing documentation, which includes an expiring ABN next month as well.

We are all following the story closely and will alert you when new forms are released!
CMS implemented a new "Standard Written Order" ( SWO) in January that replaces several previous types of prescription.

However, over the following weeks the instruction on the new SWO was wildly varied depending on who region or association was presenting.

The industry is awaiting a meeting on Feb 20th with CMS for clarification, so for now keep collecting as much info as you feel is needed to support claims!

Remember, a prescription is NOT considered part of the medical record, and face to face notes are still required.

Updates to follow later on this month.
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Construction Update!
Our construction project chugs along, the new half of our office (on the left) is wrapped and roofed. Windows are in, along with HVAC, plumbing, and electrical and drywall starts next week.

Great things in store for Universal!
These days everywhere you go, businesses want you to rate your service. We do too! You now get the option to leave us ticket specific feedback. When we close a ticket, you get a notification email along with a quick “survey”.

Simply pick the face that best reflects your experience, then leave us a comment!
January Shout Outs!
Hey Joey , great to see you! Barb & Deb , thanks for hosting us! Bryan & Bill , you two are such a treat! Dawn & Barb , thanks for coming to sleepway camp! Mary, Mary Ellen , and Sharon , thanks for the assist!

There were so many more of you were saw virtually, cheers!
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