We provide all food, lodging, tools, equipment, and project coordination, so your volunteer team can focus on serving the community.
In a 1.2 mile stretch on the Florida panhandle, 54 percent of homes were destroyed and 99 of them were severely damaged. In certain areas, the storm flattened nearly all of the homes along the shore.

Over the next few weeks, the CC International Advance Team will be meeting with First-Responders, Long-Term Recovery Groups, and Community Service Organizations in communities impacted by the storm to determine where volunteers are needed most and where to locate our Volunteer Facility in Florida. We will be ready to deploy volunteer teams after Thanksgiving and will continue through April. To be a part of the CCI Hurricane Michael Relief Project, please fill out a Volunteer Team Sign Up Form .
This year in Puerto Rico, CCI will be bringing more volunteers than ever before. We are still continuing to rebuild communities affected by Hurricane Maria and have been working closely with local governments to identify areas that need our help the most. Some of our project goa ls include:
  • Help families rebuild their homes
  • Support Boy's and Girl's Clubs and HeadStart Programs with tutoring and school repair
  • Help restore the devastated environment and parks that are vital to the ecosystem and economy of Puerto Rico
Groups of college students from all over the country are getting teams together and planning their trip down to North Carolina to be a part of our Hurricane Florence Relief Projects. There is plenty of work to be done and we need help from your volunteer team.

To be a part of the CCI Hurricane Florence Relief Project, please fill out a Volunteer Team Sign Up Form.
We still need volunteers for our projects in Portland, Oregon. Projects include working at local food banks and helping the continuing homeless problem that Portland faces. Along with homelessness, CC International will also focus on environmental restoration and early childhood education projects. Fill out a volunteer team sign up form to reserve space for your team.
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