Updates for April 22, 2020
UTSA is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak with a commitment to supporting the safety of the university community while enabling the academic progress of students. Here is your digest of university news and tips.
Stay connected with UTSA events and services, including hours the Roadrunner Pantry is open, when finals will be and more. The Student Union’s Information Desk is available weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can chat live with student staff or email your questions.
IT’S AWARDS WEEK: Get ready to honor Roadrunners who are being recognized for contributions to the university and community.

  • Who’s Who Awards: Celebrate and honor the 2020 Who’s Who at UTSA winners. Two hundred freshmen through doctoral students will be recognized at the 17th annual ceremony via recorded video. Wednesday, April 22, 4 p.m.

  • University Life Awards: UTSA’s oldest tradition recognizes efforts of students, organizations, faculty and staff for contributions to the quality of student life. Categories include Registered Student Organization of the Year, Outstanding Student Organization President, Outstanding Students by College and the prestigious Golden Feather Award. Highest honors will go to recipients of the Jane Findling Award, recognizing individual achievement over the academic year, and the Golden Feather Award, recognizing students who have crafted a powerful legacy at UTSA. The live-streamed ceremony will be Thursday, April 23, 4–5 p.m.
EXPERTS TALK RECOVERY: This week’s virtual town hall meeting takes a look at prospects for financial recovery of our region. And stay on top of Training, Webinars and Town Halls and watch previous broadcasts by UTSA experts.
  • The Pandemic’s Economic Impact on San Antonio: Part of the Community Conversations Series, this event will give particular focus to San Antonio’s recovery and implications for our city’s future. Q&A session with panel experts will be included. Wednesday, April 22, noon–1 p.m.
LIVE FROM ROADRUNNER PRODUCTIONS: Social distancing does not have to mean a boring life. UTSA’s student-led Roadrunner Productions is bringing fun events directly to you.
  • Eric Dittelman, Mind Reader: Ever wonder what it would be like to know what someone else was thinking? What if you knew exactly what someone else was going to do before they did it? Eric Dittelman knows what that’s like and has been reading minds at theaters, colleges, comedy clubs and corporate events all across the country. His virtual show is amazingly interactive. Join the exclusive UTSA show! Wednesday, April 22, 5–6 p.m.

  • Trivia Stream: Put your random knowledge to good use and join UTSA’s virtual trivia quiz for a chance to win a prize. Saturday, April 25, 1–2 p.m.
A SHOW OF SUPPORT: On April 29 millions of people across the world will wear denim with a purpose, and the PEACE Center at UTSA will host the Denim Day campaign on social media to virtually support survivors of—and educate the community about all forms of—sexual violence. Wear denim with a purpose to help raise awareness during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
ENGAGE WITH STUDENT EVENTS: If you’re looking for more to do while learning remotely, you can find leadership workshops, group meetings, social events, live entertainment and more by logging in to RowdyLink with your abc123 ID.
DISPLAY YOUR PRIDE: Roadrunner Express will be selling First Gen graduation stoles online through Friday, May 8. You can place an order by completing the order form. You will be contacted within three to five business days for payment processing. The standard stole is $40 ($45 with a design), and estimated shipping is $8, available within the U.S. only. If you have questions, contact studentunionbilling@utsa.edu.
REACH OUT: UTSA’s Counseling and Mental Health Services is offering online help via the Therapy Assistance Online app. TAO is interactive, easy to access and can help you with issues related to anxiety, depression and more. If you’d prefer to meet one on one with a clinician, schedule a secure video appointment by calling 210-458-4140 or email counseling.services@utsa.edu.
NEED TO CONNECT?: Additionally, CMHS’s support groups are now online. Check out the Survivors Group (Thursday, April 23 at 2 p.m.) to learn about trauma, ways to cope and more while you connect with other Roadrunners.
STAYING ACTIVE: Campus Rec’s virtual group exercise classes let you join your favorite instructors on Zoom as they deliver the workout directly to your home. No equipment required. Arrive promptly to reserve your spot. For a full list of classes and Zoom meeting codes, visit Stay Well with Campus Rec.
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