April 2017
Ralph Ferretti
Director and Professor,
School of Education
We’re pleased to present the inaugural issue of the School of Education’s newsletter. Below, we recognize the recipients of four important awards, and we’re proud to announce our partnership in support of Stubbs Elementary School. In future issues, we’ll share faculty, student, and alumni accomplishments and information on issues of importance to the educational community.  

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our AERA reception this Friday!  
Best wishes,
Faculty in the news
In recognition of distinguished research in teacher education, James Hiebert has received the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education's Margaret B. Lindsey Award Learn more.
Roberta Golinkoff and collaborator Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek of Temple University have received the Society for Research in Child Development's Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Child Development Award . Learn more.
George Bear has received the National Association of School Psychologists's Lifetime Achievement Award in honor of major contributions to research, practice, and leadership in school psychology. Learn more.
Lauren Bailes, the School of Education's newest faculty member, will receive the Outstanding Dissertation Award from AERA's SIG for Graduate and Postdoctoral Education Across the Disciplines.
Developed in collaboration with school leaders, CEHD’s partnership with the Christina School District in support of Stubbs Elementary School will include:
  • a program of K-2 literacy instruction
  • a multi-tiered system of supports for students' positive behavior and psychological needs
  • support for the involvement of families and the community in students' health, education, and development
  • the placement of teacher candidates in methods and student teaching experiences
  • the integration of educational  technology to support the curriculum and professional development goals.

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