Faculty in the News
Amanda Jansen has been awarded the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Linking Research to Practice Outstanding Publication Award for her article, “Rough Draft Talk in Mathematics Classrooms,” co-written with three Delaware middle-school teachers. Learn more .
Sharon Walpole has been awarded the International Literacy Association Jerry Johns Outstanding Teacher Educator in Reading Award , which honors an outstanding university teacher of reading methods or reading-related courses for undergraduates and graduate students. Learn more .
Roberta Golinkoff received the American Educational Research Association Outstanding Public Communication of Education Research Award with her long-time collaborator Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek, professor of psychology at Temple University. Learn more .
With a new, four-year grant from the Institute for Education Sciences, Nancy C. Jordan and Nancy Dyson are collaborating with local Delaware schools to develop a new approach to teaching fractions , one that teachers and students find meaningful in the middle-school classroom. Learn more .
Student Spotlights
Cristina Ahrendt , an elementary teacher education major concentrating in teaching English as a second language, worked with Joshua Wilson as a 2018 Summer Scholar. She worked with Wilson to identify ways that automated essay scoring software may support writing instruction in the elementary classroom and improve writing achievement. Learn more.
Sara Gartland , a PhD in Education student specializing in community-based and sociocultural approaches, published "How Unexpected Interruptions Hurt Student Learning" in Education Week . She proposes strategies for teachers and administrators for managing interruptions, like fire drills and unexpected phone calls. Read Sara Gartland's graduate profile .
Alumni in the News
Nader Makarious, who received his doctorate in educational leadership, was honored with the 2018 American Chemistry Society Division of Chemical Education Middle Atlantic Region Award for Excellence in High School Teaching . He teaches applied and honors chemistry at Brandywine High School in Wilmington, Delaware. Learn more .
Jeffrey Lawson, who received his doctorate in educational leadership, was named superintendent of Cecil County Public Schools (CCPS) in May. Prior to this appointment, he served as associate superintendent of education service for CCPS. He was instrumental in introducing the Bookworms literacy curriculum, developed by Sharon Walpole , to his district. Learn more .
Partnership News
University of Delaware's interdisciplinary Partner4CS team held a 5-day workshop illustrating how computational thinking lessons on programming, data analysis, and creative thinking could be integrated into teachers’ existing lesson plans. The team leverages partners throughout Delaware to broaden participation in computer science. Learn more
More than 120 University of Delaware faculty and staff, K-12 school leaders, and district partners attended the UD Partnership for Public Education ’s second annual Education Partnership Academy. The daylong conference centered on building partnerships to strengthen public education . The event nearly doubled its participants from last year. Learn more.