University of South Alabama
Starts by Believing! 
In spite of COVID-19, the Title IX Violence Prevention team at the University of South Alabama (Jaguars) launched an inspiring Start by Believing campaign, finding ways to connect with students virtually!
Our intentions for the campaign were to make our Jaguar community and survivors feel supported and safe, even from a distance. We look forward to continuing our efforts in this movement!

- Ansley Romero, Title IX Prevention Graduate Assistant
The University’s Violence Prevention Alliance then put together this heartwarming, 2 ½ minute video, with members of the campus community expressing a shared message of solidarity and support.
This creative graphic offers concrete guidance for the Jaguar community on how to be supportive of survivors, when someone discloses they were sexually assaulted. 
Let us know how you’ve connected with your community during these difficult times. Please email with details, so we can shine the spotlight on YOUR efforts!