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Unixfor Payment Kiosks certified for secure banknote handling and acceptance of the new €50 banknote.
APS Compact Plus G130
With the circulation of the new €50 being just around the corner*, the European Central Bank entered into a new phase of thorough testing of Customer Operated Machines. The purpose is to ensure proper and secure acceptance of the new banknote, as well as for authenticity and fitness checking and recirculation of all existing Euro banknotes, based on Decision ECB/2010/14

We are proud to announce that our self service payment solutions** have once more successfully passed the tests contacted by Bank of Greece, and we find ourselves to be one of the first self service payment kiosk manufacturers in Europe - and the first in Greece - to be tested and pass the latest tests.

Committed to providing smart and secure self service solutions, we will continue to protect our customers' investments and offer added value to our partners, by keeping our solutions up to date, through extensive R&D and cutting-edge technologies in our software and hardware components.

*Circulation begins April 4, 2017
**hardware, BNA firmware & software application were tested on December 14, 2016
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