Acupuncture + Hypnotherapy = SUCCESS

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We are less than 1 week away from the Great American
Smoke Out Day (November 18, 2010)!
Eugenia Karahalias, LCSW-R, CASAC, CCH
Renee Verspohl, M.S., L.Ac.
Double Whammy Mondays!
Every Monday in the month of November and December
we are offering an Acupuncture & Hypnotherapy Combo
so that YOU can join the ranks of the NON SMOKERS too!
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Double Whammy Mondays!

Acupuncture + Hypnotherapy = SUCCESS

If you wore your inner organs on the OUTSIDE would you quit smoking?

By the way, in case you didn't already know...smoking causes premature aging!!! So, what about your skin?


The easy, natural way...

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170 Little East Neck Road 2nd Floor
West Babylon, New York 11704
Every Monday in November and December
Appointments available from 8:00 Am - 8:00 PM
Eugenia (516) 456-4490 Renee (516) 270-4386

Double Whammy Mondays!

continues until the end of the year!

There are 7 more Mondays until the end of this year!!!

Start 2011 off Healthy and Smoke-FREE!

Dicsount Price: $175.00
Regular Price: $250.00

Quitting smoking is a BIG undertaking. The nature of cigarette addiction is compounded by the fact that the addiction is two fold. There is the addiction to nicotine and the chemicals found in cigarettes and other tobacco products, but equally compelling is the behavioral addiction of smoking. The repetitive act of smoking becomes such a natural part of the very being of most smokers that the action of placing a cigarette between the lips is as natural and hard to alter as the gait with which one walks, or the repetition of a favorite slang word or phrase. You will receive Tips and Guidelines to follow 5-7 days prior to your appointment to assist you with breaking the psychological addiction. It is very important that you adhere to the instructions. Following your session, you will receive a recording of the hypnosis portion for continued reinforcement at home.

Acupuncture is natural and can be a very effective weapon in the fight against smoking addiction. Acupuncture can help to detoxify the system of the addictive chemicals found in tobacco products, and help the patient to modify the behaviors that prompt him or her to reach for a cigarette. It can help to bolster the patient's energy, which will allow him or her to remain more active during the day, providing an increase in alternate activities to smoking. The treatments are natural and soothing, and most patients report a calming effect afterward, which helps to decrease compulsiveness.

Hypnosis (also referred to as hypnotherapy) is an altered state of consciousness. This state of consciousness is usually achieved with the help of a hypnotherapist, your guide. When you are under hypnosis you do not sleep; instead your unconscious mind is alert and receptive to positive suggestions. The intention is to bypass your conscious mind which often sabotages your ability to achieve goals through incessant negative self talk. During hypnosis, you are aware of everything being said and are always in control. Hypnosis is also an education and communication process that allows your own inner intelligence to help you make the changes you desire. Your own decision to participate in the collaboration (partnership) is crucial. The key to someone being able to be hypnotized is their willingness.

The Necessary Elements for YOUR Success:

*Desire & Determination *Motivation for Change *Positive Expectations

*Belief in Yourself & Trust in Your Therapist *Commitment

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$75.00 off the Regular Price of $250.00

Offer Expires: December 31, 2010

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Unleash Your Full Potential Now!