Presenting New Offerings!
Turknett Leadership Group is proud to offer these new services. With everyone pivoting during this uncertain time, our aim is to provide as much value as possible to the leaders within our network. We hope you will find these timely and relevant.

The Coaching for Accelerated Impact program can be facilitated face-to-face or virtually. The feedback and coaching are focused within a 3-month time frame with the outcome being a development plan ripe for action and implementation.

This assessment offering is designed to help managers and team members quickly gain actionable insight into individual remote working styles. Wonder how your team is doing working from home? We've got the solution for you.
Becoming a more diverse and inclusive workplace should be more than a trend. Our program enables your top management to confidently navigate workplace land mines and strengthen the organization's culture.
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The Supercharge Your PPT Presentations Webinar demonstrates how to better read your audience and tailor your presentation to their needs and interests. In this action-packed 2.5-hour webinar, you will learn the 13 secrets for making your PowerPoint presentations more impactful and engaging.
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The key factor behind successful, efficient teams is psychological safety. Our virtual flex session program will allow you and your team to build individual and team leadership skills while fostering a healthy and impactful "emotional, professional, and interpersonal space".
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Our Aim Has Always Been Your Growth
These offerings were created to meet the needs of remote working, address pertinent issues of diversity and inclusion, and provide resources to better yourself to meet the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow during these unique times .

-Tino Mantella
CEO and President

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